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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: McLaughlin,W
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993873 “Detection of begomoviruses in Caribbean crops and weeds in Antigua, Barbados, and St. Kitts & Nevis McLaughlin, P.D; McLaughlin,W.A. ; Maxwell,D.P. ; Amarakoon, I.I.; Roye, M.E
2617 A new tomato-infecting begomovirus in Barbados [Abstract only] Roye,Marcia E.; Henry,N. M.; Burrell,P. D.; Mclaughlin,Wayne A.; Nakhla M. K.; Maxwell,D. P.
993667 Diabetes tipo 2 de inicio temprano en Jamaica y en México. Oportunidades derivadas de un studio interétnias. Irving, R; Tusie, L.; Mills, J.; Wright-Pascoe, R.; McLaughlin,W.; Agular-Salinas, C.
2680 Evolution of cabbage leaf curl virus from Jamaica [Abstract only] Roye, Marcia E.; McLaughlin,Wayne A.; Maxwell,D. P.
2457 The common weed macroptilium lathyroides is not a source of crop-infecting geminiviruses from Jamaica Roye,Marcia E.; Spence,Jodi; Mclaughlin,Wayne A.; Maxwell,D.P.
2455 The evolution of new virus genes: Interspecies recombination among two geminiviruses from Jamaica Roye, Marcia E.; Mclaughlin,Wayne A.; Maxwell, D. P.
2458 Tomato dwarf leaf curl virus, a new bipartite geminivirus associated with tomatoes and peppers in Jamaica and mixed infection with TYLCV Roye, Marcia E.; Mclaughlin,Wayne A.; Maxwell,D.P.; Wernecke,M. E.; Nakhla,M K

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