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5 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wright-Pascoe,R Processed on 11/30/2020
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5 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wright-Pascoe,R
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993555 “Foot Care and Footwear Practices among Patients attending a specialist Diabetes Clinic in Jamaica” Gayle,KA; Tulloch-Reid,MK ; Younger-Coleman,NO ; Francis,DK ; McFarlane,SR ; Wright-Pascoe,RA; Boyne, MS ; Wilks,RJ; Ferguson.TS
993569 “Glutathione metabolism in persons with Type 2 diabetes” Lutchmansingh,FK; Bennett, FI ; Badaloo,AV; McFarlane- Anderson,N ; Gordon-Strachan,GM; Wright-Pascoe,R ; Jahoor, F; Boyne.MS
993549 “Microbial isolates in diabetic foot lesion of hospitalized patients at the University Hospital of the West Indies” Chin, LA; Boyne,MS ; Barton,EN; Wright-Pascoe,R ; Martin,A; Roye-Green.K
993997 “Mosaic Pancreas or type 3 diabetes: The classification that needs to be recognized” Irving,R; Mills,J; Choo-Kang, E; Morrison, E.Y; Mullings, A; Wright-Pascoe,R; McLaughlin, W; McGrowder. D
994547 “Relationship between self-monitoring of Blood-Glucose and Glycaemic Control among Patients attending a Specialist Diabetes Clinic in Jamaica” Francis,KK ; Younger-oleman,NO ; Tulloch-Reid, MK ; Wright-Pascoe,RA ; Boyne,MS ; Wilks,RJ ; Ferguson.TS

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