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10 Titles Listed for the author selected: Abdur-Rashid, K Processed on 12/1/2020
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10 Titles Listed for the author selected: Abdur-Rashid, K
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995242 “N-Heterocyclic carbenes synthesis, characterization and application to transition metal catalyzed reactions” Green, K.A.; Dasgupta, T.P; Maragh, P.T.; Abdur-Rashid, K
7357 A Family of active iridium catalysts for transfer hydrogenation of ketones Clarke, Z.E; Maragh, P.T; Dasgupta, T.P; Gusev, D.G; Lough, A.J; Abdur-Rashid, K
995517 Chiral Ruthenium (II) Aminophosphine complexes: synthesis, characterization and applications to asymmetric hydrogenation and transfer hydrogenation reactions Scarlet, Littlelet N; Maragh, Paul T; Dasgupta, Tara P; Abdur-Rashid, Kamaluddin
1613 Kinetics and mechanisms of the oxidation of L-ascorbic acid by cis-diaqua cobalt (III) ammine complexes Abdur-Rashid, Kamaluddin
1616 Kinetics of oxidation of ascorbate by tetranuclear cobalt (III) complexes ('hexols') in aqueous solution Abdur-Rashid, Kamaluddin; Dasgupta, Tara, P.; Burgess, John
2946 Optosensing properties of fac-Re(CO)3(dpknph)Cl (dpknph = di-2-pyridyl ketone p-nitrophenyl hydrazone) Bakir, Mohammed, A.; Abdur-Rashid, Kamaluddin; Mulder, Willem H.
8093 Planar Chiral N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands Derived from [2.2]Paracyclophane and their Transition Metal Catalysts. Green, Kerry-Ann; Dasgupta, Tara P.; Maragh, Paul T.; Abdur-Rashid, K.; Jia, W.
1617 Reactivity of the Tri-m-hydroxo-bis[triamminecobalt(III)] Ion in halide media Abdur-Rashid, Kamaluddin; Dasgupta, Tara, P.; Burgess, John
6804 Solubilities and transfer chemical potentials for Cobalt(III) complexes in t-butanol i-propanol, and ethanol -water mixtures Abdur-Rashid, K; Dasgupta, T.P; Burgess, J
4071 Solvation of inorganic complexes: Transfer chemical potentials for mono-and bi-nuclear cobalt (III) complexes to methanol + water mixtures Abdur-Rashid, Kamaluddin; Dasgupta, Tara P.; Blundell, Nicholas J.; Burgess, John; Drasdo, Duncan N.

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