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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Aiken, Karl A Processed on 12/2/2020
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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Aiken, Karl A
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7561 A really little fish story: an unusual fish phenomenon in the Yallahs River, St. Thomas Aiken, Karl A.
3981 Age determination of fishes using otoliths (earstones) Aiken, Karl A.
3104 Age, growth and reproduction of the lane snapper Lutjanus sybagris (Linnaeus, 1785) in Jamaican waters [Abstract only] Aiken, Karl A.
3240 An investigation of the current status of spiny lobster fisheries in Jamaica [Abstract only] Gittens, Lester; Aiken, Karl A.; Oxenford, Hazel
3999 Aquaculture in Jamaica Aiken, Karl A.; Morris, D.; Hanley, Fred C.; Manning, R.
2941 Aspects of reproduction, age and growth of the lane snapper, Lutjanus synagris (Linnaeus, 1758) in Jamaican coastal waters Aiken, Karl A.
8086 Dolphin interference with fish traps in Jamaican waters. Aiken, Karl A.; Pal, Anita R.
4061 Fishing activities and fishable resources exploited by Whitehouse fishers, Westmoreland [Abstract] Murray, Anginette O.; Aiken, Karl A.
7269 Managing Jamaica's queen conch resources Aiken, Karl A.; Kong, Andre G.; Smikle, Stephen G.; Appeldoorn, Richard; Warner, George F.
4170 The artisanal thread herring fishery of Kingston Harbour: A review Harvey, Guy C. McN.; Goodbody, Ivan; Aiken, Karl A.
2955 The marine fisheries of Jamaica Aiken, Karl A.; Kong,G. A.
2960 The queen conch fishery on Pedro Bank, Jamaica: Discovery, development , management Aiken, Karl A; Kong, G. A.; Smikle, Stephen; Mahon, R; Appeldoorn, R.
7425 Threats to the ocean: on the role of ecosystem approaches to fisheries Christensen, V; Aiken, Karl A.; Villanueva, M.C

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