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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Anderson, Susan R Processed on 11/26/2020
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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Anderson, Susan R
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7939 A qualitative journey using the Constant Comparative Method (CCM). Anderson, Susan R.
992975 Absenteeism in Secondary Schools in Jamaica: Parentsí perspective on the causes Jennings-Craig, Zellynne D.; Cook, Loraine D.oraine D.; Anderson, Susan R.
5377 Attention deficit hyperactive disorders: Tips for teachers - Ideas for attention deficit students Anderson, Susan R.
5533 Critical issues affecting the provision of education of persons with disabilities in Jamaica Anderson, Susan R.
5493 Dealing with child abuse and neglect Anderson, Susan R.
5110 Dealing with violence and aggression in the classroom Anderson, Susan R.
5532 Emotionally disturbed children: products of troubled adults? Anderson, Susan R.
993488 Impact of the provision of school lunch on attendance in Jamaican primary Schools Jennings-Craig, Zellynne D.; Anderson, Susan R.
3445 Learning styles as a foundation of instructional activities Anderson, Susan R.
5376 Perceptions of classroom accommodations among university students with disabilities Anderson, Susan R.
995994 Psycho-Educational processes as Strategies for Students Presenting with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders Anderson, Susan R.
7247 Reflections on the use of the constant comparative method Anderson, Susan R.
5492 Taking action for a more effective teaching ministry Anderson, Susan R.
3465 Teacher's perception of the importance of administering the learning style inventory to students in schools Anderson, Susan R.
993234 University of the West Indies policy on disabilities with special reference to the Office of Special Students, Mona. Anderson, Susan R.

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