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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Appleby, J Processed on 12/3/2020
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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Appleby, J
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7511 Almost Sure Asymptotic Behaviour of One- and Two-step Difference Equations with Random Coefficients on a Reducing Mesh Appleby, J.A.D; Kelly, C.
4057 Asymptotic stability of polynomial stochastic delay differential equations with damped perturbations Appleby, J.; Rodkina, Alexandra E.
994465 Characterization of the Asymptotic Behaviour of Scalar Linear Differential Equations with Respect to a Fading Stochastic Perturbation Appleby, J. A. D. ; Cheng, J; Rodkina, A
7096 On Asymptotic Stability of Linear Stochastic Volterra Difference equations with respect to a fading perturbation Rodkina, Alexandra; Appleby, J.A.D; Riedle, M
7582 On stochastic stabilization of difference equations Appleby, John A. D; Mao, Xuerong; Rodkina, Alexandra
7554 Pathwise non-exponential decay rates of solutions of scalar nonlinear stochastic differential equations Appleby, J.A.D; Rodkina, Alexandra; Schurz, H
7482 Spurious oscillation in a uniform Euler discretisation of linear stochastic differential equations with vanishing delay Appleby, J.A.D; Kelly, C

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