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23 Titles Listed for the author selected: Baker, Processed on 8/12/2020
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23 Titles Listed for the author selected: Baker,
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1531 A microwave digestion-based determination of low molecular weight organic acids in Bayer process liquor Baker, Alex R.,; Greenaway, Anthony, M.; Ingram, C.W
995614 Can Caribbean Social Work ‘Do’ Development? Baker, Peta Anne
993818 Commentary on 'When the tables turned’: A social work intern’s moral dilemma in a Botswana police station Baker, Peta-Anne
2993 Comparison of bauxite and bayer liquor humic materials by 13C NMR spectroscopy: implications for the fate of humic substances in the bayer process Baker, Alex R.; Greenaway, Anthony M.
390 Editorial Baker, Peta Anne.
5944 Governance: A new domain for practitioners & policy makers Baker, Peta-Anne
5931 Health, poverty and service use among older West Indian women in Greater Hartford Baker, Peta-Anne
5818 Honouring the Garvey tradition in contemporary community revitalization efforts Baker, Peta-Anne
994753 Institutional pressures and social work ethics: a case from Jamaica Baker, Peta-Anne
7343 Jamaica Baker, Peta-Anne
994614 Poverty, Inequality and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Caribbean Baker, Peta-Anne
995005 Poverty, Inequality and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Caribbean Baker, Peta-Anne
993750 Regulators of the Global Economy: The IMF, the World Bank & the WTO Baker, Peta-Anne; Hinds, Kimberly
5842 Roles of the state and organizations of the poor in creating social welfare Baker, Peta-Anne
1221 Search for transformation strategies: A perspective from the non-government organization sector Baker, Peta Anne
5953 Serving the community: Enhancing skills and capacity Baker, Peta-Anne; Shillingford, Aldene
2130 Social and demographic characteristics of children on the streets of Kingston and St. Andrew [abstract] Antoine, C.; Bailey, S.; Baker, J.; Brown, Yvonne; Clarke, K.; Creighton, A.; Drummond, S.; Ganness, R.; Nairn, C.; Rolle, A.; Rose-Green, G.; Sherwood, T.; Wisdom, S.; Jackson, Maria D.
994944 Social Work in the Caribbean Baker, Peta-Anne ; Maxwell, John A
995791 Success in controlling a major outbreak of malaria because of Plasmodium falciparum in Jamaica. Webster-Kerr, Karen R; Figueroa, ; J. Peter ; Weir, Pauline L. ; Lewis-Bell, Karen ; Baker, ; Everton; Horner-Bryce, Jeannette ; Lewis-Fuller, Eva ; Bullock DuCasse, Marion ; Carter, Keith H; Campbell-Forrester, Sheila
993566 The Caribbean Baker, Peta Anne
6383 Tracheobronchial stenting for management of bronchopleural fistula: a novel solution to an old problem Tulloch-Reid, M. ; Pyne, D. ; Baker, T. ; Ebanks, F. ; Sterman, D.
995601 Unlike pregnant adult women, pregnant adolescent girls cannot maintain glycine flux during late pregnancy because of decreased synthesis from serine Hsu, JW; Thame, Minerva M; Gibson, Raquel R; Baker, TM; Tang, GJ; Chacko, SK; Jackson, AA; Jahoor, F
2764 Zinc supplementation with psychosocial stimulation: Effects on the development of undernourished children [Abstract only] Meeks Gardner, Julie; Powell, Christine A.; Ennis, M.; Baker, Helen; Grantham-McGregor, Sally M.

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