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5 Titles Listed for the author selected: Barrett, D Processed on 5/26/2020
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5 Titles Listed for the author selected: Barrett, D
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7002 Absence of opportunistic parasitic infestations in children living with HIV/AIDS in children’s homes in Jamaica: Pilot investigations Barrett, D.M.; Steel-Duncan, J.; Christie, Celia; Eldemire-Shearer, Denise; Lindo, John F.
4458 Isolation and Identification of Pathogenic Acanthamoeba Strains from Water Sources in Jamaica, West Indies [Abstract] Lorenzo-Morales, J.; Barrett, D. M.; Ortega-Rivas, A.; Valladares, B.; Lindo, John F.
6445 Plasmodium malariae in Haitian refugees, Jamaica Lindo, J. F. ; Bryce, J. H. ; Ducasse, M. B. ; Howitt, C. ; Barrett, D. M. ; Lorenzo Morales, J. ; Ord, R. ; Burke, M. ; Chiodini, P. L. ; Sutherland, C. J.
4388 Preliminary Results of a Study of Opportunistic Intestinal Parasitic Infections Among Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Jamaica [Abstract] Barrett, D.M.; Nembhard, A.; Sue-Ho, Robert; Williams, Nadia P.; Eldemire-Shearer, Denise A.; Lindo, John F.
7645 Unique cryptosporidium population in HIV-infected persons, Jamaica. Gatei, W.; Barrett, D.; Lindo, John F.; Eldemire-Shearer, Denise; Cama, V.; Xiao, L.

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