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41 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bastick, Tony Processed on 12/1/2020
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41 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bastick, Tony
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3489 'Who did what': Maximising collaborative learning by using accountable assessment Bastick, Tony
5119 A for average B for bad and P for paid : Grade inflation prospects for the Caribbean Bastick, Tony
3615 A method of assessing quality reaching to create a positive institutional teaching and learning culture Bastick, Tony
3503 A motivation model describing the career choice of teacher trainees in Jamaica Bastick, Tony
3336 A technique for improving institutional learning culture by monitoring the quality of teaching Bastick, Tony
3341 A technique for measuring effective teaching of professional courses Bastick, Tony
3354 A test of the instructional strategy of using advance organizers Bastick, Tony
3340 A three factor model to resolve the controversies of why trainees are motivated to choose the teaching profession Bastick, Tony
3434 Accountable individual assessment for cooperative performance assignments Bastick, Tony
3487 Accuracy of information processing under focused attention Bastick, Tony
3486 Accuracy of same-subject estimates: Are two judgements better than one Bastick, Tony
5499 Alignment assessment: Battling grade inflation in the English speaking Caribbean Bastick, Tony
3335 An alternative method of measuring teacher quality Bastick, Tony
3613 An investigation of Ausubel's assumption that students use instructional objectives as advance organisers Bastick, Tony
3475 Assessing the predictive validity of the ATLP-75 selection test for Caribbean nurses Bastick, Tony; Hardware, Valerie J.
5319 Commonwealth degrees, from class to equivalence : Changing to GPAs in the Caribbean Bastick, Tony
3490 Constructivist pedagogy and subject-centred learning: The subjectivist paradigm Bastick, Tony
3339 Controversial learning outcomes of less able students in assessed groupwork Bastick, Tony
3350 Differences between anti-social adolescent behaviour in single sex schools and co-educational schools in Jamaica Bastick, Tony
3479 Differential effects of single-sex and co-educational schooling: Factors of social violence among adolescents in Jamaica Bastick, Tony
5498 Does disruptive classroom behaviour make adolescent Caribbean students more popular or less popular with their peers? Bastick, Tony
3612 Enculturation and empowerment in the subjectivist classroom Bastick, Tony
3606 Gender discrimination in education and employment: The marginalised men and wasted women of Dominica Bastick, Tony
3611 Historiometrics of creativity: A philosophical critique Bastick, Tony
5446 Improving teaching quality: An examination of two locus of control instruments for monitoring internality training Cook, Lorraine; Bastick, Tony
3594 Is validity more reliable than reliability is valid? Bastick, Tony
5251 Material culture and teachers attrition in the Caribbean: Motivational differences between novice and experienced Jamaican teacher trainers Bastick, Tony
3610 Memorization of objectives: An indication of an individual's learning organisation Bastick, Tony
3609 Personality factors of empathy Bastick, Tony
3485 Quality assessment for teachers of continuing education and training programs Bastick, Tony
3483 Relationships between in-course alignment indicators and post-course criteria of quality reaching and learning in higher education Bastick, Tony
3444 Reliability problems of the datum: Solutions for questionnaire responses Bastick, Tony
3484 Reliable and valid measurement of individual's contributions to group work Bastick, Tony
3482 Rewarding shared experience: Assessing individual contributions to team-based work Bastick, Tony
5497 Situated attainment: Measuring under achievement in Jamaica Bastick, Tony
3481 Subjectivism: A learning paradigm for the 21st century Bastick, Tony
3476 Subjectivist psychology and its applications to teaching Bastick, Tony
3480 Subjectivist psychology: An affective-constructivist pedagogy Bastick, Tony
3504 The measurement of teacher motivation: Cross-cultural and gender comparisons Bastick, Tony
3343 Three ability framework (3AF): A paradigm for evaluating the quality of teaching Bastick, Tony
3342 Why teacher trainees choose the teaching profession: A motivational model distinguishing between trainees in metropolitan and developing countries Bastick, Tony

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