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45 Titles Listed for the author selected: Boxill, Ian Processed on 11/29/2020
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45 Titles Listed for the author selected: Boxill, Ian
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5662 Review of Rastafari in transition: The politics of cultural confrontation in Africa and the Caribbean (1966-1988) by Ikael Tafari Boxill, Ian
1324 An agenda for nutritional sociology in the Caribbean Boxill, Ian
5834 An exploratory study of tourism and development and its impact on the caribs of Dominica Boxill, Ian; Francis, Severin
5981 An exploratory study of tourism development and its impact on the Caribs of Dominica Boxill, Ian; Severin, Francis O.
994575 Atlantic meets Pacific: Music as an element of struggle in Aotearoa/New Zealand Boxill, Ian
2767 Barbados and the myth of British conservatism Boxill, Ian
1201 Caribbean integration and Jamaica's future Boxill, Ian
5796 Caribbean tourism and the FTAA Boxill, Ian; Ramjeesingh, Diaram; Segree, Marjorie D.
5905 Caribbean tourism and the production of fantasy Boxill, Ian; Marshall, Don D.
5812 Challenges for Academic Research in Tourism in the Caribbean Boxill, Ian
2414 Electing change in Mexico Boxill, Ian
1322 Entrepreneurship among blacks: Towards a theory of symbolic articulation Boxill, Ian
1325 Formalization of residential arrangements and the eating habits of college students Boxill, Ian
1323 Globalization, sustainable development and postmodernism: The new ideology of imperialism Boxill, Ian
2657 Haiti's rocky road to democracy Boxill, Ian
6178 HIV/ AIDS and Transportable Diseases: Impact on the Tourism Sector. Boxill, Ian; Lewis, Kerry-Ann; Frey, Rosemary; Martin, Paul; Treasure, Denise; Bowen, Wayne; Joseph,Taromi
2310 How Tourism transforms language: The case of Playa del Carmen,Mexico Boxill, Ian; Hernandez, Edith
1200 Limitations of materialist and structuralist approaches to the study of nutritional behaviour Boxill, Ian; Santopolo, Frank A.
7557 Mundo Maya and cultural resurgence among Mayas Boxill, Ian; Maerk, Johannes
5891 Old Road, new road: Community protests and tourism development in Antigua Boxill, Ian; Frederick, Osbert
2324 Overcoming social problems in the Jamaican tourism industry Boxill, Ian
1189 Perceptions of gender roles in urban Jamaica Boxill, Ian
5668 Review of Sun, sex and gold: Tourism and sex work in the Caribbean by Kamala Kempadoo Boxill, Ian
1328 Rhetoric and policy realities in developing countries: Community councils in Jamaica, 1972-1980 Boxill, Ian; Unnithan, Prabha
2713 Rising to the challenge: A content analysis of articles published in Social and Economic Studies 1953-1997 Boxill, Ian; McLean, Evadne L
5928 Romance, sex and tourism in Cozumel Boxill, Ian
1327 Science in the Social Sciences: a view from the Caribbean Boxill, Ian
6662 Social and cultural Impacts of tourism in the Caribbean Boxill, Ian
2355 Socioeconomic impacts of tourism in Dangriga and Hopkins, Belize Boxill, Ian; Castillo, Philip
5815 Sovereignty and the search for recognition Boxill, Ian
2393 Sovereignty, globalization and Caribbean integration Boxill, Ian
2369 Space and place: Social impacts of tourism in Barbados and Jamaica Boxill, Ian
6056 The determinants of poverty among the youth of the Caribbean. Boxill, Ian; Quarless, Richard
5621 The impact of crime on tourist arrivals in Jamaica Alleyne, Dillon; Boxill, Ian
1188 The limits of ethnic political mobilization in Fiji Boxill, Ian
1329 The limits of rational organizational theory: Ideas for managing Caribbean organizations Boxill, Ian
5927 The socioeconomic impact of tourism in St. Lucia: An exploratory study Boxill, Ian; Nicholas, Lorraine
1326 The two faces of Caribbean music Boxill, Ian
7481 Tourism and Globalisation in Jamaica Boxill, Ian; Alleyne, Dillon
5902 Tourism development , Mayan cultural resurgence and prospects for indigenous tourism in Mexico Boxill, Ian; Maerk, Johannes
5811 Towards an alternative tourism for Belize Boxill, Ian
5833 Towards an alternative tourism for Jamaica Boxill, Ian
1290 Towards sustainable tourism in Jamaica Boxill, Ian
2827 Turismo del sexo y del romance en Cozumel Boxill, Ian; Murrieta, Griselda
5835 Unearthing black entreprenuership in the Caribbean: Exploring the culture and MSE sectors Boxill, Ian

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