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19 Titles Listed for the author selected: Cowell, Noel M Processed on 8/3/2020
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19 Titles Listed for the author selected: Cowell, Noel M
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6465 A perspective on ethics and Caribbean business Cowell, Noel M.
5608 Ethical issues at the workplace Cowell, Noel M
6473 Ethics at the workplace: A survey of ethical propensities of UWI students and HRM professionals Cowell, Noel M.; Crick, Anne P.; Martin, Rosemarie
5846 Foreign-ownership and the diffusion of work innovations in a developing economy. Cowell, Noel M; Singh,Gangaram
2544 Globalization and workplace change: The new industrial relations and strategic options for Caribbean Trade Unions Cowell, Noel M.; Singh, G.
5641 Human resource development and workplace competitiveness Cowell, Noel M
7052 Human Resource Development and Enterprise Competitiveness in Jamaica Cowell, Noel M.
2469 Human resource management and workplace restructuring in the Jamaican public sector:the case of the tax adminstrative reform programme Cowell, Noel M.; Mitchell, Sonia
7080 Industrial relations theory and practice with reference to Jamaica Cowell, Noel M.
5844 Is work a four-letter word? Work attitudes and the myth of the lazy Jamaican worker Cowell, Noel M
5717 Market competition, human resource development and enterprise competiveness in Jamaica Cowell, Noel M
2777 Markets, collective bargaining and legislation: A comparison Cowell, Noel M.; Gunderson, Morley
5901 Service and servility in contemporary Caribbean hospitality: The myth and reality Cowell, Noel M.; Crick, Anne P.
2423 The making of industrial relations in the Commonwealth Caribbean Adams, R.J.; Cowell, Noel M.; Singh, G.
5732 Tourism and the plantation model: Dimensions of the worker management relationship in caribbean tourism Cowell, Noel M.; Crick, Anne P
2287 Voluntarism, political unionism and the regulation of industrial relations in Jamaica Cowell, Noel M.
5941 What do unions do? Unionization, work innovations, and firm performance in Jamaica Singh, Gangaram; Cowell, Noel M.
2782 Workers' perspective of work and employment relations-excerpts from the national survey of workplace practices Cowell, Noel M.
5701 Workplace governance and the future of trade unionism in the Jamaican private sector Cowell, Noel M.; Crick, Anne P.; Wint, Alvin G.

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