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38 Titles Listed for the author selected: Crick, A Processed on 12/5/2020
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38 Titles Listed for the author selected: Crick, A
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994081 . “They’re not Starbucks: The Emergence of Coffee Shops in Jamaica” Crick, A
994468 “No problem mon Buffering hotel guests from external shocks” Crick, A.
5890 A competitive analytical approach to health tourism in Jamaica Crick, Anne P.
5696 A methodology for improved synergy between the classroom and management practices Haughton, Michael A.; Crick, Anne P; Moore, Stanford; Nicholson, Lawrence
2781 Bringing the person back into personalized service: The role of HRD practicioners Crick, Anne P
5887 Decentralization in the Jamaican health sector: A performance perspective Crick, Anne P.
1282 Does entrepreneurial self-efficacy distinguish entrepreneurs from managers Crick, Anne P.; Chen, Chao C.; Greene, Patricia Gene
5816 Emotion and aesthetics in the business of service: Are we ready? Crick, Anne P
5933 EP/Small Hotels: Prospects for the future Crick, Anne P.
6057 EP/Small Hotels: Prospects for the Future. Crick, Anne P.
5639 Equipping the new hospitality industry - training resources in St. Lucia. Beyond walls: Multi-disciplinary perspectives. Crick, Anne P
6473 Ethics at the workplace: A survey of ethical propensities of UWI students and HRM professionals Cowell, Noel M.; Crick, Anne P.; Martin, Rosemarie
5809 From Mcdonaldization to customization: training the service worker in the new era Crick, Anne P
2345 Glad to meet you - my best friend:relationships in the hospitality industry. Crick, Anne P
995007 Hospitality Quality New Directions and New Challenges Crick, A.; Spencer, A
2485 Human resource management in Jamaica: Responding to challenging times Crick, Anne P
1802 Human resource management in Jamaica: Responding to challenging times Jayawardena, Chandana; Crick, Anne, P
5788 In the wake of S11 are virtually real destinations a viable response to S11? Crick, Anne P.
1332 Influence of the tip system in the hospitality industry: A pilot study Crick, Anne P
5907 Internal marketing of attitudes in Caribbean tourism Crick, Anne P
2778 Managing a kinder, gentler world of work: Emotional and workplace governance Crick, Anne P
6342 Managing organizational culture towards economic sustainability Crick, Anne P.
7051 Managing Service Workers: Exploratory Insights from a sample of Jamaican Service Organisations Crick, Anne P.
5615 Merchandising smiles: Emotional labour in Jamaican tourism Crick, Anne P
2470 Personalized service in the new economy: Implications for small island tourism Crick, Anne P
2475 Personalized service in the small hotel sector: The challenges and the opportunities Crick, Anne P
5814 Psuedo-relationships-The use of mass customized techniques in personalized service: A case study oof entertainment coordinators Crick, Anne P
5817 Recruiting and Selecting emotional and aesthetic labourers for the 'home away from home' Crick, Anne P
994059 Rethinking Oldenburg: Third places and generation Y in a developing country context Crick, A.
995446 Rethinking the Tourism Employee: Moving from I come to Forget Me to I come to Get Me Crick, A.
5901 Service and servility in contemporary Caribbean hospitality: The myth and reality Cowell, Noel M.; Crick, Anne P.
5892 Smile, you're a tourism employee!: Managing emotional displays in tourism. Crick, Anne P.
1481 The employee attitude survey: A case of very good communication Crick, Anne P
993445 The fourth S in Caribbean Tourism: Creating smiles is big business and hard work Crick, Anne.
5629 The role of organizational culture in driving economic growth: A case study of Jamaican companies Crick, Anne P.
5732 Tourism and the plantation model: Dimensions of the worker management relationship in caribbean tourism Cowell, Noel M.; Crick, Anne P
993191 Turning the Titanic Around Lessons from Jamaican Organizations Crick, Anne
5701 Workplace governance and the future of trade unionism in the Jamaican private sector Cowell, Noel M.; Crick, Anne P.; Wint, Alvin G.

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