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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Devonish, Hubert M Processed on 7/19/2019
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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Devonish, Hubert M
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7693 Implementing bilingual education in the Jamaican context. Devonish, Hubert M
6882 Language death: Loss of culture and identity, language survival: preservation of culture and identity. Devonish, Hubert M.
7055 Language planning in pidgins and creoles. Devonish, Hubert M.
7694 Learning to read in other Caribbean contexts. Devonish, Hubert M
7212 Ou wi laan fi taak awi yaad: Jamaican parent-child interaction in home language development. Carpenter, Karen A.; Devonish, Hubert M.
7692 Race, language and national identity in Jamaican elementary school children. Devonish, Hubert M
7169 Uu fieva mi, Uu taak laik mi : Exploring race, language and self-concept in Jamaican primary school children Devonish, Hubert M; Carpenter, Karen A.; Coore, Charlene A
7691 What Ms. Lou never knew : Language and identity in the new Jamaica. Devonish, Hubert M
7171 When form becomes substance: Discourse on discourse in two calypsos. Devonish, Hubert M

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