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48 Titles Listed for the author selected: Dunn, Hopeton S Processed on 12/5/2020
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48 Titles Listed for the author selected: Dunn, Hopeton S
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6721 A one-way street just off the global digital superhighway: Debating monopoly control and policy-making in Caribbean telecommunications Dunn, Hopeton S.
995987 Caribbean ICTs: Strategic Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in Caribbean ICTs Dunn, Hopeton S.; Minto-Coy, Indianna
992976 Caribbean telecommunications policy: Fashioned by debt, dependency and underdevelopment Dunn, Hopeton S
489 Caribbean telecoms: A call for competition, a call for regulation Dunn, Hopeton S
993013 Changing Geography of the Field: Implications for Communication Theories Dunn, Hopeton S
483 Communication training and education in Jamaica: An historical analysis Dunn, Hopeton S
7722 Consumer driven media content: The challenges and opportunities of the emerging wiki-world. Dunn, Hopeton S.
6720 Cuban telecommunications systems: Confronted by global political and technological change Dunn, Hopeton S.; Noguera, Felipe
7726 Digital technologies and Jamaican creative industries: Towards global competitiveness. Dunn, Hopeton S
3622 Distance education and communication programmes in the University of the West Indies: Profile and prospects Dunn, Hopeton S.
6526 Emancipation-unfinished business Dunn, Hopeton S.
482 Empowering the voiceless in an era of globalization Dunn, Hopeton S
3352 Facing the digital millennium: Culture, communication and globalization in Jamaica and South Africa Dunn, Hopeton S.
7065 Global technologies and the business of Jamaican culture: Maximizing the potential of ICTs and new media. Dunn, Hopeton S.
6715 Globalisation from below: Caribbean cultures, global technologies and the WTO Dunn, Hopeton S.
7725 Globalisation, convergence and the digital future: Policy issues in Caribbean broadcasting regulation. Dunn, Hopeton S.
993317 ICT Awareness and Capacity Building for Regionwide Broadband Deployment Dunn, Hopeton S
992915 Information Literacies and People Empowerment in the Global South Dunn, Hopeton S.; Johnson-Brown, Sheena
993248 Jamaica Country Report Dunn, Hopeton S
7061 Maximizing the value of telecom & ICT networks in the single market. Dunn, Hopeton S.
7727 Mobile telephony as bridging technology to wider broadband and e-commerce usages by low income Jamaicans. Dunn, Hopeton S.
996042 Mobility and Work in the Caribbean - Telecommuting for Personal and Regional Development Dunn, Hopeton S; Cowell, Noel
5531 Negotiating identity : Globalizations, WTO and Caribbean cultures Dunn, Hopeton S.
993151 On Creative Resilience and Globalization from Below: Resisting ‘Cultural Synchronization’ in Jamaica, with Lessons For the Global South Dunn, Hopeton S
6719 Policy issues in communication technology use: Challenges and options Dunn, Hopeton S.
7720 Political advertising and the 2007 general elections. Dunn, Hopeton S.
7721 Poverty and mobile telephony: Results of a national household survey of low income users in Jamaica. Dunn, Hopeton S.
993307 Re-evaluating ‘Synchronization’: Crisis, Power Shifts and Alternative Conceptual Constructs in Communication Theory Dunn, Hopeton S
993263 Re-Thinking ICT Policy Making in the Caribbean: A Decision- Making Framework for the 21st Century Dunn, Hopeton S; Thomas, Michele; Brown, Allison
3605 Reform and outreach: The political economy of Southern African media Dunn, Hopeton S.
993032 Regulators - Who Needs Them? Dunn, Hopeton S
993019 Safety of Journalists in the Caribbean Dunn, Hopeton S
992931 Slavery and Emancipation in the Caribbean: Preserving the Public Memory Dunn, Hopeton S
993258 Something Old, Something New...: WikiLeaks, Newspapers and Conjoint Approaches to Political Exposure Dunn, Hopeton S.
5518 Struggle, innovation and cultural resistance Dunn, Hopeton S.
7719 Telecommunications and new forms of work opportunities and challenges of telecommuting, outsourcing and offshore employment in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Dunn, Hopeton S.
487 Telecommunications policy in the Caribbean Dunn, Hopeton S
477 Telecommunications policy in the Caribbean: From state monopoly to private monopoly Dunn, Hopeton S
6718 Telecommunications policy making in Jamaica: From state monopoly to private monopoly Dunn, Hopeton S.; Gooden, Winston S.
541 Telecommunications regulation: Lessons from a Caribbean debate Dunn, Hopeton S
7723 Teleuse at the bottom of the pyramid: Genderstanding mobile telephony. Dunn, Hopeton S.; Dunn, Leith L.
993349 The Challenges of Global Communications Dunn, Hopeton S
6716 The politics of the media in the English-speaking Caribbean Dunn, Hopeton S.
3532 Tourism and popular perceptions: Mapping Jamaican attitudes Dunn, Hopeton S.; Dunn, Leith L.
632 Transnational corporations, the IMF and policy-making in the Caribbean: Implications of the Cable and Wireless controversy in Jamaica Dunn, Hopeton S
488 Upgrading our libraries Dunn, Hopeton S
7724 Usage patterns for mobile phones in Jamaica. Dunn, Hopeton S.
7066 Wha a Gwaan: Research report on a qualitative study on mobile telephony and poverty in Jamaica qualitative research report mobile phone access and usage patterns in Jamaica. Prepared for DIRSI- IDRC. Dunn, Hopeton S.

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