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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Gayle, Peter Processed on 11/29/2020
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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Gayle, Peter
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995478 Trench, Camilo A.; Webber, Mona K; Gayle, Peter M; Thomas, S
2344 Daily stress protein (hsp70) cycle in chitons (Acanthopleura Granulata Gmelin, 1791) which inhabit the rocky intertidal shoreline in a tropical ecosystem Schill, Ralph O. ; Gayle, Peter M. H.; Koehler, Heinz-R.
6214 Efforts by Discovery Bay marine lab to Improve Jamaican north coast fish catches Gayle, Peter M.; Sikora, Michael; Woodley, Jeremy D.; Sary, Zsolt
6317 Fishery management measures instituted at Discovery Bay, Jamaica, with special reference to establishment of the fisheries reserve and subsequent activities to develop the local fishery Gayle, Peter; Woodley, Jeremy; Sary, Zsolt
995622 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: An Overlooked Therapeutic Option in Stroke Recovery and a Potential Source of Health Sector Revenue and Health Tourism Lowe, S; du Quesnay, Le Mercier; Gayle, Peter M; Henry-Pinnock, F; Wedderburn-Buddo, T
6312 Reefs and their dependents - The benefits of environmental stewardship Gayle, Peter; McNaught, Michelle
6285 Results from the CARICOMP monitoring sites at Discovery Bay Jamaica Gayle, Peter M.
2333 The Caribbean coastal marine productivity program (CARICOMP) Alcolado, P.M.; Alleng, G.; Bonair, K.; Bone, D.; Buchan, K.; Bush, P.G.; De Meyer, K.; Garcia, J.R.; Garzon-Ferreira, J.; Gayle, Peter M. H.; Gerace, D.T.; Geraldes, F.X.; Jordan-Dahlgren, E; Linton, Dulcie M.
4870 Transplantation of benthic species to mitigate impacts of coastal development in Jamaica Gayle, Peter M.H.; Wilson-Kelly, P.; Green, Sean O.

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