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4 Titles Listed for the author selected: Gordon, G Processed on 10/25/2020
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4 Titles Listed for the author selected: Gordon, G
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2788 A review of hospital care in Jamaica: Morbidity and Mortality patterns, resource allocation and cost of care [Abstract] Ward, Elizabeth.; Fox, Kristin; Ricketts, L.; McCaw-Binns, Affette M.; Gordon, G.; Whorms, S.; Ashley, Deanna E.; Figueroa, J.P.
1936 Improving the quality of obstetric care through criterion based clinical audit in Jamaica [abstract] Gordon, G.; McCaw-Binns, Affette M.; Ashley, Deanna E.; Graham, W. J.; Wagaarachchi, P. T.
1975 Jamaica injury surveillance system: Report on data analyzed from three hospitals, December 1999-May 2000 [abstract] Arscott-Mills, S.; Holder, Y.; Gordon, G.; McDonald, Archibald H.
4771 Non-fatal violence-related injuries in Kingston, Jamaica: A preventable drain on resources Zohoori, Namvar; Ward, Elizabeth; Gordon, Georgiana; Wilks, Rainford J.; Ashley, Deanna E.; Forrester, Terrence E.

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