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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Govia, Ishtar Processed on 11/29/2020
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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Govia, Ishtar
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994183 Emergent non-communicable chronic diseases in the English-speaking Caribbean. Govia, Ishtar; Brown, D. R; Ferguson, T.; Boothe, M.
993856 Discrimination and distress: Moderating factors for non-Hispanic Black Caribbeans in the United States Govia, Ishtar
995294 Jamaicans at Home and Abroad: Identities and Health Perceptions Govia, Ishtar
996030 Many Rivers to Cross: Regional/International Migration from Jamaica, 19601980 Smith, Matthew; Govia, Ishtar O.
995036 Psychologically Healthy Workplaces: Global and Local Perspectives Govia, Ishtar
994815 Race and ethnic differences in aging: A life-course perspective Govia, Ishtar; Jackson, J. S.; Sellers, S.
994473 Racialized Identities and Psychological Well-Being among a Sample of University Students in Jamaica Govia, Ishtar
995241 Researching Caribbean populations: Tools for the toolkit Govia, Ishtar
993917 Social inequalities Govia, Ishtar; Jackson, J.S.; Sellers, S.

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