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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Harding, H.E Processed on 11/26/2020
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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Harding, H.E
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6605 A new paradigm to routine intensive care utilization post elective neurosurgery in a Developing Country Harding, H.E.; Crandon, I.W.; Crawford-Sykes,A.; Bruce, C.A.R.; Gordon-Stachan, G.M.; Augier, A.
6606 An audit of the DM Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Programme at the University of the West Indies, 2002-2006 Barrow, P.; Harding, H.E.
6584 Blood transfusion practices by physicians working in intensive care units in the English-speaking Caribbean Toppin, P.J.; Harding, H.E.; Gordon-Strachan, G.M.; Frankson, A.
6599 Chronic pain and current management strategies at the University Hospital of the West Indies Bourg, N.; Harding, H.E.; Ehikametalor, K.
6602 Day case paediatric surgery: An assessment of caregivers' knowledge, attitudes and experiences at the Bustamante Hospital for Children Burke, N.; James, B.; Harding, H.E.; Scarlett, M.D.; Younger, N.O.
7419 The practice of moderate sedation analgesia by nonanaesthetists Berry-McDowell, L.; Harding, H.E.; Gardener, Harriett W.

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