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17 Titles Listed for the author selected: King, D Processed on 11/26/2020
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17 Titles Listed for the author selected: King, D
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995183 “Investigating potential drug-herb interactions” Delgoda, R.; Picking, D; Mitchell, S.A.
5920 Adjustment with a human face? Evidence from Jamaica Handa, Sudhanshu; King, Damien
995806 Asymmetric Bias and Self-Fulfilling Sovereign Defaults King, Damien W; Tennant, David F; Tracey, Marlon R
2571 Balance of payments liberalization, poverty, and distribution in Jamaica King, Damien
2388 Changes in the distribution of income and the new economic model in Jamaica King, Damien; Handa, Sudhanshu
995821 Correspondent Banking King, Damien
994951 HIV infection seroprevalence and risk factor study among pregnant women attending the Antenatal Clinic at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica Perry, D.; Reid, Marvin E.; Thame, Minerva M.; Fletcher, Horace M.; Mullings, Anthony M.; McCaw-Binns, Affette M.; King, D.; Rattray, Carole A.
994460 Hyptis verticillata Jacq: A review of its traditional uses, phytochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology Picking, D.; Delgoda, R.; Boulogne, I.; Mitchell, S.
1321 Macroeconomic adjustment in externally-dependent economies with parallel exchange markets King, Damien
2203 Seroprevalence of hepatitis B in Jamaican preschool children [abstract] Barton-Forbes, Michelle ; Samms-Vaughan, Maureen E.; King, D
4517 Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C Virus in Haemophiliacs in Jamaica. Wharfe, Gillian H. ; Smikle, Monica ; Dowe, Gwendolyn; Buchner, L.; Choo-Kang, Eric G.; Graham, S.; King, D.
1317 Structural adjustment policies, income distribution and poverty: A review of the Jamaican experience Handa, Sudhanshu; King, Damien
2386 The evolution of structural adjustment and stabilisation policy in Jamaica King, Damien
993404 The Political Economy of Underdevelopment in Jamaica King, Damien
993201 The Political Economy of Underdevelopment in Jamaica King, Damien
995954 The prevalence of herbal medicine home use in rural and urban communities in Jamaica. Picking, D.; Younger, Novie O..; Mitchell, Sylvia A.; Delgoda, Rupika.
5915 The welfare effects of balance of payments reform: A macro-micro simulation of the cost of rent-seeking King, Damien; Handa, Sudhanshu

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