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16 Titles Listed for the author selected: Lenik, Stephan Processed on 12/1/2020
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16 Titles Listed for the author selected: Lenik, Stephan
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994451 Lenik, Stephan
994210 Lenik, Stephan
995317 Lenik, Stephan
995119 Lenik, Stephan
995412 Lenik, Stephan ; Hauser, Mark
994307 Lenik, Stephan ; Singer, Gideon
994192 “Carib as a Colonial Category: Comparing Ethnohistorical andArchaeological Evidence From Dominica, West Indies.” Lenik, Stephan
994767 “From Missionaries to Mitcham: Conflict, Space, and Resolution in Grand Bay, Dominica, 1691-2012” Lenik, Stephan
994990 “The Geneva Heritage Project: Archaeology and Community Engagement” Lenik, Stephan; Singer,Gideon
994700 “The Jesuits, Père La Valette and Issues of Allegiance in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World” Lenik, Stephan
994720 Carib as a Colonial Category: Comparing Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Evidence From Dominica, West Indies Lenik, Stephan
994906 French Colonial Archaeology in the Southeast and Caribbean Lenik, Stephan
6930 Kenneth G. Kelly, and Meredith D. Hardy, eds., French colonial archaeology in the southeast and Caribbean. (Book Review). Lenik, Stephan
993849 Mission Plantations, Space, and Social Control: Jesuits as Planters in French Caribbean Colonies and Frontiers Lenik, Stephan
993073 Reniel Rodriquez Ramos, Rethinking Puerto Rican precolonial history. (Book Review). Lenik, Stephan
6920 Stephan Palmie and Francisco A. Scarano, eds., The Caribbean: A history of the region and its people. (Book Review). Lenik, Stephan

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