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23 Titles Listed for the author selected: Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A Processed on 11/29/2020
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23 Titles Listed for the author selected: Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A
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6148 A concern for quality, a need for accountability Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
768 Class, race and gender issues in child rearing in the Caribbean Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
3930 Crafting relevant information systems for a new generation Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A
802 Defining and discussing gender: A Caribbean perspective Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
6006 Diversity,liberalization and competition in tertiary and higher education: Implications for quality assurance Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
5057 Engendering governance: Strategies for promoting gender equality Bailey, Barbara; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
1174 Factors affecting the choice of science subjects by high school students: A pilot study Bailey, Barbara; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
3854 Gender analysis in educational policy and practice Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A
6005 Gender and education in the Caribbean:Inclusion,exclusion and impact Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
5989 Gender and power in contemporary society: a case-study of student government Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
881 Gender in the Jamaican workplace: Findings of a preliminary study Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
5984 Gender stereotypes: perceptions and awareness of a sample of Jamaican adolescents Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.; Pencle, Carmen
766 Girls' toys, boys' toys: Forming gender identity Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
993162 Policy issues and options related to the education of gifted children in Jamaica Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
6008 Quality assurance of transnational education in the Anglophone Caribbean. Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A; Gift, Sandra
3855 Quality issues in higher education Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A
804 Socialisation and the development of gender identity: Theoretical foundations and Caribbean research Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
6016 Strategic planning and institutional culture change Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
801 The education of women: Provision, participation and impact Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
1177 Why theory? Bailey, Barbara; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.; Morris, Jeanette
6009 Why theory? Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.; Bailey, Barbara; Morris, Jeanette
3845 Women and development studies: Moving from the periphery Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A
803 Women in higher education: A Caribbean perspective Hamilton, Marlene A; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.

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