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5 Titles Listed for the author selected: Levy, Arkene S Processed on 10/29/2020
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5 Titles Listed for the author selected: Levy, Arkene S
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995590 A potential role for the antidiabetic drug metformin in the treatment of platinum resistant ovarian cancer Morris, Kadane; Reboe-benjamin Monique; Levy, Arkene S.
995474 Investigation of the Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Effects of the Aqueous Extract Obtained from the Bark of Guiacum Officinale (Lignum Vitae) Williams, K; Jacob, Audrey S; Levy, Arkene S
995462 Preliminary Investigations of the Anti-asthmatic Properties of the Aqueous Extract of Justicia pectoralis (Fresh cut) Cameron C; Jacob, Audrey S; Thomas, E.A; Levy, Arkene S
995466 Role of TMPRSS2-ERG Fusions in Prostate Cancer: Significance of Assessment in Jamaican Men Levy, Arkene S
995457 Vitamin E and Focal Adhesion Kinase inhibitor Y15 enhances the cytotoxic effects of cisplatin and paclitaxel in platinum resistant ovarian cancer cells Reboe, M; Waite, T; Levy, Arkene S; Rathinavelu, A; Sivanesan, D

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