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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Lindo, J.L.M Processed on 10/24/2020
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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Lindo, J.L.M
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995296 “Asthma knowledge, attitudes and asthma control in Jamaican adults” Heslop-Barnett, G.S.; Waldron, N.K.; Kahwa, E.K.; Anderson-Johnson, P; Lindo, J.L.M.
994031 “Occupational stress among registered nurses working on the medical and surgical wards”. Elijio, A.; Dawkins, P.; Lindo, J.L.M.
994478 “Stress and burnout experienced by BScN final year nursing students in Jamaica. Llewellyn-Johnson, S; Lopez, S.; Lindo, J.L.M.; Duff, E.M.; Waldron, N.; Fletcher, H.
995330 “Attitudes of patients towards male nurses in a Jamaican hospital”. Adeyemi-Adelanwa, A.; Barton-Gooden, A.; Lindo, J.L.M.
995052 “Compliance and blood pressure control among men with hypertension attending to Type 5 Health Centre” Welsh, F.; Duff, E.M.; Campbell, K.; Lindo, J.L.M.
994188 “Quality of life in adults with asthma”. Buckle-Bailey, L.; Waldron, N.; Anderson-Johnson; Lindo, J.L.M.
995248 “The psychosocial effects of pregnancy on teenage mothers in Jamaica”. Hepburn, S.A.; Waldron, N.K.; Hepburn-Brown, C.; Pitter, C.; Lindo, J.L.M.
993448 Epidemiologic transition in maternal mortality and morbidity: New challenges for Jamaica McCaw-Binns, Affette M.; Alexander, S.F.; Lindo, J.L.M.; Escoffery, Carlos T; Spence, K.; Lewis-Bell,K.; Lewis, G
6996 Maternal mortality surveillance in Jamaica McCaw-Binns, Affette; Lindo, J.L.M.; Lewis-Bell, K.N; Ashley, D.E.C.

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