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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Miller, David, J Processed on 10/30/2020
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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Miller, David, J
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271 A late Cretaceous terebratulid brachiopod from Jamaica, and its significance for Mesozoic brachiopod palaeobiogeography and evolution Sandy, M.R.; Harper, D.A.; Donovan, S.K.; Miller, David, J.
123 Aspects of ancient rocky shorelines: The Hopegate and Falmouth Formations, Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Miller, David, J.
129 Farming on the fringe: Small scale agriculture on the edge of the Cockpit Country Barker, David; Miller, David, J.
259 Field guide to the geology of central Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Miller, David, J.; Robinson, Edward; Porter, Anthony
183 Geomorphology, stratigraphy and paleontology of Wait-a-Bit Cave, central Jamaica Miller, David, J.; Donovan, S.K.
38 The contact between the Troy Formation and the Troja granodiorite in the area east of Riversdale, parish of St. Catherine Donovan, S. K.,; Miller, David, J.; Patel, Fatima
276 The contribution of Sir H.T. De la Beche to the geology of Southwest England and to the identification of 'head' deposits Miller, David, J.

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