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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Mugisa, Ezra K Processed on 9/27/2020
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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Mugisa, Ezra K
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1657 A framework for describing software architectures for reuse Mugisa, Ezra K.,; Maibaum, T.S.
1655 A reuse triplet for systematic software reuse Mugisa, Ezra K.
8079 An Object Oriented Generic Learning Object Model (OOGLOM). Allen, C.; Mugisa, Ezra K.
1656 Architecture based software reuse: A formal approach Carvalho, S.,; Hazberer, A.; Mugisa, Ezra K.; Maibaum, T.S.
8080 Conversion and Delivery of Courses via a Course Management System. Mugisa, Ezra K.; Beckford, Carl C.
3995 Generic business transaction system Green, Christopher C.; Mugisa, Ezra K.
4241 Reusable software architecture for intranet based accounting information system Dennis, Errol H.; Mugisa, Ezra K.
3988 Software Supermarket: Components on sale [Abstract] Pyne, Richard A.; Mugisa, Ezra K.
4214 The 'Morresa' project Mugisa, Ezra K.; Pyne, Richard A.; Dennis, Errol H.
8165 Towards Enhancement in Online Learning. Beckford, Carl C.; Mugisa, Ezra K.
8077 Towards Writing Secure Software Requirements. Busby-Earle, Curtis C.; Mugisa, Ezra K.

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