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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Okenve, Enrique Processed on 11/26/2020
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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Okenve, Enrique
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993264 'Wakobo abe, wakobo politik”: Three Decades of Social Paralysis and Political Immobility in Equatorial Guinea. Okenve, Enrique
996088 Antes de la tradición: dinamismo social, innovación y autonomía política en Africa ecuatorial, 1900–1915 Okenve, Enrique
993129 Equatorial Guinea Okenve, Enrique
993130 Equatorial Guinea Okenve, Enrique
996069 From Indigenous to Oppressor: Power, Indigenization and Fang society in Equatorial Guinea, 1927–1979 Okenve, Enrique
996014 The Power of the Past: Reconstructing Tradition in Colonial Equatorial Africa, 1938–1948 Okenve, Enrique
992937 They came before Columbus: A critical review of the Van Sertima thesis. Okenve, Enrique; Baptiste, Fitzroy
6856 They never finished their journey: Transformations in Fang- Beti identity within twentieth-century Equatorial Guinea. Okenve, Enrique

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