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30 Titles Listed for the author selected: Osei, Philip Processed on 12/2/2020
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30 Titles Listed for the author selected: Osei, Philip
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993679 Osei, Philip; Benfield, D; Tennant, W; David F
993590 'Using Urban Regeneration Planning in Dolatkhah, Tehran’ Osei, Philip
995347 “The Nexus between Public Sector Reform and the efficient management of Social Policy: The Case of Labour Market Interventions in Jamaica and St Kitts and Nevis” Osei, Philip
2714 A comment on 'measuring human development in countries with invisible economies: Challenges posed by the informal sector in Jamaica' by Andrew Downes and Elsie Le Franc Osei, Philip D
5012 A Crime prevention strategy ‘Fit for Purpose': A post-mortem of Jamaica’s 12-point plan of 2002 Osei, Philip D.
2705 A critical assessment of Jamaica's national poverty eradication programme Osei, Philip D
6609 A Results-Based Assessment of the Coordinating Role of the Child Development Agency in Jamaica Osei, Philip; Darkwah, Hilda
4920 Alternative approaches to state-led poverty reduction in the Caribbean: Unfolding experience in Jamaica Osei, Philip D.
994605 Comedy is serious business: Why the recession can’t hold Stages Productions back. Osei, Philip; Blair, Colin
993704 Decentralisation Policy for Regional Service Delivery Osei, Philip; Tennant, David F
5034 Executive agencies and changing notions of public accountability: The Jamaican experience Osei, Philip D.
2706 Executive agencies: Intellectual background to the search for appropriate institutions Osei, Philip D
994724 Governance in the Context of Building Local Governance and Local Government Organisations Osei, Philip
2391 Has poor relief declined in Jamaica?- A preliminary investigation Osei, Philip D
994662 Local Governance and Intergovernmental Relations Osei, Philip; Schobourgh, Eris
993851 Management Analysis for the Jamaican Public Sector: Contextual Issues Osei, Philip
994976 Managing the Growth and Development Process: Issues of Planning and Regulation Osei, Philip; Montgomery, Allison; Williams, Richardo
993914 Network Governance in Emergency Management in the Caribbean Osei, Philip
993540 Performance management: From mere Appraisals to Learning Maps Osei, Philip
2436 Political liberalization and the implementation of value added tax in Ghana Osei, Philip D
994756 Public Service Decentralisation in Jamaica: A Review of Current Models, Practices and Institutional Gaps Osei, Philip
5029 Regulating government procurement in the CARICOM: What lessons can be learnt from Jamaica? Osei, Philip D.
4957 Regulation in a flux: The development of regulatory institutions for public utilities in Ghana and Jamaica Osei, Philip D.
4949 Review of Ghana in Search of Development: The challenge of governance, economic management and institution building by Dan-Bright S. Dzorgbo Osei, Philip D.
993673 Review of the Portmore Municipal Council and the Municipality Experience 2003-2010 Osei, Philip
995774 Special Issue on Local Governance and Intergovernmental Relations Schoburgh, Eris D.; Osei, Philip.
4917 Strengthening local fiscal capacity in Jamaica, 1993- 2002 Osei, Philip D.
994562 The Community Leadership Model and Country Ownership of Local Development in Jamaica Osei, Philip
4890 Tripartite partnerships in small states: Barbados and Jamaica in comparative perspective Osei, Philip D.
5027 Tripartite social partnerships in small states: Barbados and Jamaica in comparative perspective Osei, Philip D.

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