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20 Titles Listed for the author selected: Ramphal, Paul S Processed on 12/2/2020
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20 Titles Listed for the author selected: Ramphal, Paul S
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4542 A Case of Pulmonary Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Ramphal, Paul S.; Shah, Dipak J.; Mitchell, Derek I. G.; Wynter-Daley, J.
4599 A High Fidelity Tissue-Based Cardiac Surgical Simulator Ramphal, Paul S.; Coore, Daniel N.; Craven, Michael P.; Forbes, Neil F.; Newman, Somara M.; Coye, Adrian A.; Little, Sherard G.; Silvera, Brian C.
4526 A Simple Preparation for Introductory Training in the Construction of Distal Coronary Anastomoses Ramphal, Paul S. ; Coye, Adrian A. ; Blidgen, J.
4525 A Simple, Inexpensive Simulation Exercise in the Construction of Sutured Intra-Thoracic Oesophageal Anastomoses Ramphal, Paul S. ; Irvine, R.W.; Blidgen, J. ; Coye, Adrian A.
4231 Cardiac training simulator using pump with electronic pressure sensor to trigger ventricular fibrillation Craven, Michael P.; Newman, Somara M.; Fletcher, Maurice; Silvera, Brian C.; Coore, Daniel N.; Forbes, Neil F.; Ramphal, Paul S.
974 Childhood portal hypertension in Jamaica. Ramphal, Paul S.; Lee, Michael G.; Rose, D. A.; Venugopal, Sivarajan
7473 Conjoined twins: Bioethics, medicine and the law Duncan, Newton D.; Barnett, Alan; Trotman, Helen L; Ramphal, Paul S.; West, Wayne M.; Badal, Garfield H.; Christie, Celia D.
2221 Coronary angiography in West Indian patients over age 40 presenting for valvular cardiac surgery : A justifiable procedure [abstract] Ramphal, Paul S.; Spencer, Howard W.; Chung, Edward E.; Chung, A.S.; Denbow, Charles E.
4142 Design of an electromechanical pump system for training in beating heart cardiac surgery Craven, Michael P.; Ramphal, Paul S.; Coore, Daniel N.; Silvera, Brian C.; Fletcher, Maurice; Newman, Somara M.
4524 Initial experience with beating-heart single valve replacement surgery at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica Ramphal, Paul S.; Irvine, R. W. ; Wierenga, Andrea M.; Scarlett, Marinna D.; McGaw, Clarence D.
32 Myxoma of right femoral vein origin presenting as a right atrial mass with syncope Ramphal, Paul S.; Spencer, Howard, W.; Mitchell, Derek I. G.; Denbow, Charles E.
1817 Penetrating injury to the great vessels: Case reviews and management approaches for West Indian surgeons Ramphal, Paul S.; Irvine, R. W. ; Spencer, Howard W.
1994 Scleroderma with cardiac tamponade, hyperthyroidism and incidental papillary thyroid carcinoma Gokula, R.M.; Gupta, A.K.; Shirley, Suzanne E.; Coard, Kathleen C.; Ramphal, Paul S.
1816 Surgery for patent ductus arteriosus: Still the gold standard Ramphal, Paul S.; Irvine, R. W.; Spencer, Howard W.
4248 The cardiac surgery training simulator Coore, Daniel N.; Ramphal, Paul S.; Craven, Michael P.
4518 Thirty-five Years of Cardiac Surgery in Jamaica Scarlett, Marinna D.; McGaw, Clarence D. ; Ramphal, Paul S. ; Irvine, R. W. ; Spencer, H. W.
4488 Thymic Surgery in Jamaica 1992-2000 Ramphal, Paul S. ; Irvine, R. W. ; Mitchell, Derek I. G.; Scarlett, Marinna D.; McGaw, Clarence D. ; Fletcher, P. R. ; Spencer, H. W.
4702 Trap-door Sternum in Sickle Cell Disease Knight-Madden, J. M. ; Sang, M. M. ; Ramphal, Paul S.
4865 Trap-door sternum in sickle cell disease Knight-Madden, Jennifer M.; Moo Sang, Michelle; Ramphal, Paul S.
7475 Vasopressin for refractory hypotension during cardiopulmonary bypass McGaw, Clarence D.; Scarlett, Marinna D.; Irvine, Roger W.; Ramphal, Paul S.

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