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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Rattray, C Processed on 10/31/2020
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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Rattray, C
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993587 Acute pyelonephritis in pregnancy: a retrospective descriptive hospital based-study Dawkins, J. C.; Fletcher, H. M.; Rattray, C. A.; Reid, M.; Gordon-Strachan, G.
2108 Adeno-associated virus and development of cervical neoplasia Strickler, Howard D.; Viscidi, R. ; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Rattray, Carole A.; Kotloff, K. L. ; Goldberg, J. ; Manns, Angela ; Rabkin, C. ; Daniel, R. ; Hanchard, Barrie; Brown, Claudette; Hutchinson, M. L.; Zanizer, D. ; Palefsky, J. ; Burk, R. D.; Cranston, Beverley; Clayman, B. ; Shah, K. V.
4672 Anaesthesia for operative deliveries at the University Hospital of the West Indies: a change of practice Crawford-Sykes, Annette M.; Scarlett, Marinna D.; Hambleton, Ian R.; Nelson, Maria; Rattray, Carole A.
6364 Bilateral psoas abscess in a case of granuloma inguinale West, W. ; Fletcher, H. ; Hanchard, B. ; Rattray, C. ; Vaughan, K.
2093 Cervical dysplasia and use of hormonal contraceptives in Jamaican women [abstract] Bazuaye, K.P.; Jackson, Maria D.; Smikle, Monica .; Fletcher, Horace M.; Rattray, Carole A.; McFarlane-Anderson, Norma
927 Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia is not associated with elevated serum neopterin levels. Strickler, Howard D.; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Rattray, Carole A; Fuchs, Dietmar; Wachter, Helmut; Manns, Angela; Schiffman, Mark H.; Cranston, Beverley; Hanchard, Barrie; Blattner, William A.
4546 Chlamydia Trachpmatis, Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and Human T-Cell lymphotropic Virus Type I are not Associated with Grade of Cervical Neoplasia in Jamaica Colposcopy Patients. Castle, P. E.; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Schachler, J.; Rattray, Carole A.; Schiffman, M.; Moncada, J.; Sugai, K.; Brown, Claudette; Cranston, Beverley ; Hanchard, Barrie; Palefsky, J. M.; Burk, R. D.; Hutchinson, M. L.; Strickler, H. D.
2264 Complete non-puerperial uterine inversion as a result of a uterine sarcoma Rattray, Carole A.; Parris, C.N.; Chisholm, G.; Coard, Kathleen C.
1996 Disseminated donovanosis (Granuloma inguinale) with osteomyelitis of both wrists Fletcher, Horace M.; Rattray, Carole A.; Hanchard, Barrie; Vaughan, Kenneth D.; West, Wayne M.
994951 HIV infection seroprevalence and risk factor study among pregnant women attending the Antenatal Clinic at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica Perry, D.; Reid, Marvin E.; Thame, Minerva M.; Fletcher, Horace M.; Mullings, Anthony M.; McCaw-Binns, Affette M.; King, D.; Rattray, Carole A.
2283 HIV/AIDS in women, infants, children and adolescents in Jamaica: A further 'call to action' Christie, Celia D.; Bain, Brendan C.; Pierre, Russell B.; Smikle, Monica ; Evans-Gilbert, Tracy ; Frederick, Joseph; Mullings, Anthony M.; Rattray, Carole A.; Pottinger, Audrey M.
95 Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I and severe neoplasia of the cervix in Jamaica. Strickler, Howard D.; Rattray, Carole A; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Manns, Angela; Schiffman, Mark H.; Brown, Claudette; Cranston, Beverley; Hanchard, Barrie; Palefsky, Joel M.; Blattner, William A.
993394 Large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ): An alternative treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Rattray, Carole A; DaCosta, Vernon E.; Chatoor, J.; Mullings, Anthony M.; Wynter, Hugh H.
994546 Morinda citrifolia (Noni) as an Anti-Inflammatory Treatment in Women with Primary Dysmenorrhoea: A Randomised Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial Fletcher, H. M.; Dawkins, J.; Rattray, C.; Wharfe, G.; Reid, M.; Gordon- Strachan, G.
1921 The mid-forearm arteriovenous fistula as vascular access for haemodialysis Douglas, Lawson L.; Cadogan, C. A.; Rattray, Carole A.; Barton, Everard N.
4555 Transverse Ureterotomy in Open Ureterolithotomy Douglas, L. L. ; Wedderburn, K. ; Rattray, Carole A. ; Cadogan, C. M.
993222 Type-specific prevalence of human papillomavirus DNA among Jamaican colposcopy patients. Rattray, Carole A; Strickler, Howard D.; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Cranston, Beverley; Brown, Claudette; Manns, Angela; Schiffman, Mark H.; Palefsky, Joel M.; Hanchard, Barrie; Blattner, William A.
4683 Who is at high risk? A comparison of the seroprevalence of human immunodeficiency virus in pregnant women and a high risk group Wynter, Shaun H. ; Rattray, Carole A.; Frederick, Joseph; Thesiger, Charles H.; Wynter, Hugh H. ; Lindo, John F. ; McGilchrist, A. ; King, S. D.

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