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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Reichgelt, Han Processed on 11/29/2020
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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Reichgelt, Han
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1631 A model-theoretic semantics for frame languages, and its practical application Reichgelt, Han
1630 ACT-P: A configurable theorem prover Hatzilygeroudis, I.,; Reichgelt, Han
3273 An expert system for controlling the diamondback moth in Jamaica Musaazi, Emmanuel; Reichgelt, Han
1619 Automatic derivation of world update schemes Downs, J.,; Reichgelt, Han; Shadbolt, N.
1628 Avoiding logical omnidoxasticity in logics of belief: A reply to MacPherson v. 2.0 O'Hara, K.,; Reichgelt, Han; Shadbolt, N.
4938 Enabling industrial symbiosis through a web-based waste exchange Clayton, Anthony; Muirhead, John; Reichgelt, Han
3334 Information Technology Training in Developing Countries Abernethy, Ken; Gabbert, Paula; Reichgelt, Han
1622 Modelling multiple uses of the same representation in SOAR Reichgelt, Han,; Bibby, P.
1632 Resolution theorem proving reified modal logics Reichgelt, Han,; Aitken, S.; Shadbolt, N.
3138 Software engineering services for export and small developing economies Reichgelt, Han
3308 STIRDAT: A system tightly integrating relational databases and a theorem prover Rao, Lila; Reichgelt, Han
1627 The inheritance mechanism of a system integrating logic in objects Hatzilygeroudis, I.,; Reichgelt, Han
1629 The token reification approach to temporal reasoning Vila, L.,; Reichgelt, Han
3265 Towards a data wharehousing and data mining wizard [Abstract only] Hamilton, Kamla; Reichgelt, Han
1626 Using COCA to build an intelligent tutoring system in simple algebra Major, N.,; Reichgelt, Han

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