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26 Titles Listed for the author selected: Robertson-Hickling, H Processed on 12/3/2020
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26 Titles Listed for the author selected: Robertson-Hickling, H
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993996 “Deinstitutionalization and attitudes toward mental illness: a qualitative study” Hickling, F.; Paisley, V. ; Robertson-Hickling, H
994351 “Deinstitutionalization and attitudes toward mental illness: a qualitative study” Hickling, Frederick W; Robertson-Hickling, Hilary; Paisley,Vanessa
993270 A Case Study: Baking from Border Jamaica to Bronx New York .The Story of Golden Krust Bakery and Grill Robertson-Hickling, Hilary A.
993389 An Academic Leader Comes Home to UWI Leadership, Social Capital and the Caribbean Diaspora Robertson-Hickling, Hilary A.
995360 Are We Losing Some of Our Best? Human Resource Management and Migration in the Caribbean Robertson-Hickling, H.
995133 Contextualizing Mental Health Primary Care and Resilience in Jamaica: The School as an Indigenous Institution for Psychological Transformation Hickling, F.; Robertson-Hickling, H.
4399 Discourse Analysis and Film Semiotics in an Adolescent Mental Health Intervention [Abstract] Gibson, R.C.; Chung, R.; Morgan, Kai A.; Robertson-Hickling, Hilary; Hickling, Frederick W.
995400 Discrimination Robertson-Hickling, H.; Hickling, F. W.
994737 Discrimination Hickling, F.; Robertson-Hickling, H.
995538 Dream a World: Research results form a 3 year study th with High Risk Children in Jamaica Guzder, Jaswant; Paisley, Vanessa L; Robertson-Hickling, Hilary A; Hickling, Frederick W
5680 Evaluating the effectiveness of teams in the delivery of mental health in Jamaica Robertson-Hickling, Hilary; Abel, Wendel D.; Hickling, Frederick W.
5766 I never planned to stay in England. Thoughts of home in African-Caribbean Professionals returning to Jamaica Robertson-Hickling, Hilary
993253 Media Representation of Personality Disorder In Jamaica-Public Scholarship as a Catalyst of Health Promotion Hickling, Fredrick. W; Robertson-Hickling, Hilary A.
994136 Naming The Pain: Concepts of Intergenerational Trauma Hickling, F.; Robertson-Hickling, H.
995254 Naming the pain: Concepts of Intergenerational Trauma Robertson-Hickling, H
5713 Planning a virtual homecoming :The work of The Hanover Homecoming Foundation Robertson-Hickling, Hilary
5781 Preparing people for work in the Caribbean: Creating a regional workforce from Kinston to Kingstown. Robertson-Hickling, Hilary; Thomas, Terry
5590 Review of Building Diaspora: Filipino cultural community formation on the Internet by Emily Noelle Ignacio Robertson-Hickling, Hilary
8194 Risk and Resilience in African Caribbean Migration to the UK. Robertson-Hickling, Hilary A.; Hickling, Fredrick W.
4408 Social and Demographic Characteristics of Mentally Ill Deportees. [Abstract] Morgan, Kai A.; Robertson-Hickling, Hilary; Abel, Wendel D
5525 Special education needs study : phase 1 : Interim report Henningham, Helen; Walker, Susan P.; Chang-Lopez, Susan; Samms-Vaughan, Maureen E.; Robertson-Hickling, Hilary
994236 The Dream-A-World Project: A Multimodal Cultural Therapy project for disturbed 8-y-o children from Allman Town Primary School Guzder, J.; Hickling, F.; Robertson-Hickling, H
995685 The Eastern Jamaica Dream-A-World Cultural Resiliency ‘Transition to Scale’ Robertson-Hickling, Hilary A; Guzder, J; Walcott, Geoffrey O; Hickling, Frederick W
993296 The Impact of Migration in the Caribbean Robertson-Hickling, Hilary A.
5926 The need for mental health partnerships in Jamaica Robertson-Hickling, Hilary; Hickling, Frederick W.
995534 When psychiatry goes to school: Dream-a-world cultural therapy for mental health primary prevention in high-risk primary school Jamaican children Hickling, Frederick W; Walcott, Geoffery O ; Robertson-Hickling, Hilary A; Guzder, J

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