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14 Titles Listed for the author selected: Smith, R Processed on 10/26/2020
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14 Titles Listed for the author selected: Smith, R
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4451 A Survey of Chronic Renal Failure in Jamaica Barton, Everard N. ; Sargeant, Lincoln A. ; Samuels, D. ; Smith, R. ; James, J. ; Wilson, R. ; Smith, F. ; Falconer, H. ; Yeates, Curtis B.; Smikle, Monica ; Gilbert, David T.
6305 Acute renal failure post coronary artery bypass grafting at the University Hospital of the West Indies Smith, R. ; Scarlett, M. ; Soyibo, A. K. ; Ramphal, P. ; Irvine, R. ; Barton, E. N.
7571 Chronic Kidney Disease in HIV. Clarke, Tanya; Smith, Roger
995852 Climate (in)justice, vulnerability, land and livelihoods: The case of the Black Caribs in Northeastern St. Vincent Smith, Rose-Ann J.; Rhiney, Kevon
5857 Destination branding: A new paradigm in tourism marketing Deslandes, Derrick D; Goldsmith, R.
995520 Evaluation of the cytotoxic profile of Metformin and Y15 in platinum resistant ovarian cancer cells Levy, Arkene. S; Khan, Z; Batko, S; Thallapureddy, K; Smith, Richard; Kanagasabai, T; Torruellas-Garcia, J; Rathinavelu, A
1962 Lead pollution and amelioration measures in the community of Frazers Content, St. Catherine, Jamaica Lowe, Henry I.; Smith, R.; Campbell, N.; Morrison, Errol Y.
6608 Renal biopsies done in Jamaica in 2006 Soyibo, A.K.; Williams, W.; Smith, R.; Shah, D.; Barton, E.N.
8105 Renal Histological Findings in Adults in Jamaica. Soyibo, Adedamola K.; Shah, Dipak J.; Barton, Everard N.; Williams, Winston; Smith, Roger N.
4782 Status of coral reefs in the Northern Caribbean and Atlantic Node of the GCRMN Linton, Dulcie M.; Smith, Robbie; Alcolado, Pedro; Hanson, Carl; Edwards, Peter; Estrada, Reynaldo; Fisher, Tatum ; Fernandez, Raul G.; Geraldes, Francisco; McCoy, Croy; Vaughan, Duncan; Voegell, Vincent; Warner, George F.; Wiener, Jean
4468 The Outcome of Lupus Nephritis in a Cohort of Black Jamaican Patients. [Abstract] Williams, Winston; Sargeant, Lincoln A.; Smikle, Monica ; Smith, R.; Edwards, H.; Shah, Dipak J.
7646 The outcome of lupus nephritis in Jamaican patients Williams, Winston; Sargeant, L.A.; Smikle, Monica; Smith, Roger; Edwards, Heron; Shah, Dipak.
994163 The outcome of lupus nephritis in Jamaican patients Williams, W. ; Sargeant, L. A. ; Smikle, M. ; Smith, R. ; Edwards, H. ; Shah, D.
993157 X10ABOT: The Extensible, Scalable and Modular Robotics Kit Architecture Smith, Rohan; Coore, Daniel

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