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46 Titles Listed for the author selected: Soyibo, Kola Processed on 11/26/2020
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46 Titles Listed for the author selected: Soyibo, Kola
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504 A comparison of communication strategies among three Caribbean high-school biology textbooks Soyibo, Kola
507 A review of some sources of students' misconceptions in biology Soyibo, Kola
3390 An analysis of high school students' performance on five integrated science process skills Beaumont-Walters, Yvonne; Soyibo, Kola
3664 An analysis of Jamaican primary school teachers' science teaching assessment strategies Soyibo, Kola; Lofters, Paula
5408 An analysis of Jamaican technical high school students' attitudes to technical and vocational education Soyibo, Kola; Thomas, James
993276 An assessment of Caribbean integrated science textbooks' practical tasks Soyibo, Kola
3738 An assessment of seventh and eighth graders' ability to comprehend a science textbook written at fifth graders' level Soyibo, Kola; Clarke-Ellis, V.
7287 An empiricist critique of the 2004 Jamaicaís Task Force on Education reformís visionsí. Soyibo, Kolawole
3742 Correlates among Jamaican preservice primary school teachers' factors and science knowledge Soyibo, Kola; Thorpe, C.
5135 Correlations among five variables and the biology performance of a sample of Jamaican high school students Blair-Walters, S.; Soyibo, Kola
6796 Correlations among Six Learner Variables and the Performance of a Sample of Jamaican Eleventh-Graders on an Achievement Test on Respiration Soyibo, Kolawole; Pinnock, J
3739 Domestic and school violence among high school students in Jamaica Soyibo, Kola; Lee, Michael G.
5130 Effects of co-operative learning strategy on ninth-graders' understanding of human nutrition Soyibo, Kola; Evans, Hermel G.
3663 Effects of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) on 11th graders' attitudes to Biology and CAI and understanding of reproduction in plants and animals Soyibo, Kola; Hudson, Ann
512 Effects of concept and vee mappings under three learning modes on students' attitudes towards the mappings, learning modes, ecology and genetics Soyibo, Kola; Esiobu, G. O.
505 Effects of concept and vee mappings under three learning modes on students' cognitive achievement in ecology and genetics Esiobu, G. O.; Soyibo, Kola
5429 Effects of instruction on performance in chemical energetics: A study of selected 'A' level students in Kingston, Jamaica Jackson, Carole; Soyibo, Kola
3536 Effects of lecture, demonstration and practicals on tenth graders' attitudes to Chemistry and knowledge of acids and bases Bucknor, Camille; Soyibo, Kola
3737 Effects of lecture, teacher demonstrations, discusison and practical work on 10th graders' attitudes to Chemistry and understanding of electrolysis Soyibo, Kola; Thompson, Jerome
5141 Effects of lecture, teacher demonstrations, practical work and discussion on Jamaican fourth-graders' attitude to science and knowledge of machines and water Rodney, Y.; Soyibo, Kola
3740 Erroneous labels in Caribbean and Nigerian biology textbooks compared Soyibo, Kola
3744 Factors linked with Jamaican students' comprehension of four integrated science textbooks Soyibo, Kola; McKenzie-Briscoe, Bermadee O.
3679 Gender differences in Caribbean students' performance on a test of errors in biological labelling Soyibo, Kola
503 Gender differences in students' perceptions of the democratization of science lessons Soyibo, Kola; Whiteley, Peter
508 Integrated science for Caribbean schools: An assessment of the structure and skill level of tasks in Books 1 and 2 Soyibo, Kola
992998 Measurement of some Jamaican high school students' levels of anxiety towards science Soyibo, Kola
511 Misleading labellings in biology textbooks drawings Soyibo, Kola
509 Occupational stress factors and coping strategies among Jamaican high school science teachers Soyibo, Kola
1733 Peptic ulcer disease and Jamaican patients' awareness of their disorders. Lee, Michael G.,; Soyibo, Kola; Garro, I. O.; Phillips, N.; Dale, B.
3753 Planning lessons for science teaching Soyibo, Kola
501 Preservice teachers' knowledge of biological labelling errors Soyibo, Kola
3754 Questioning techniques in science teaching Soyibo, Kola
5136 Relationships among four learner variables and the performance of selected Jamaican 11th-graders on structured questions on the mole concept Ellis-Hall, N; Soyibo, Kola
5137 Relationships among Jamaican ninth-graders' variables and performance in integrated science Stockhausen, N.; Soyibo, Kola
3750 Relationships among Jamaican preservice secondary teachers' demographic variables Soyibo, Kola; Crooks, Joy
5216 Relationships among selected Jamaican ninth-graders' variables and knowledge matter. Edwards, Lolet; Soyibo, Kola
5411 Relationships among selected Jamaican ninth-graders' variables and knowledge of matter Soyibo, Kola; Edwards, Lolet
5140 Relationships among selected learner variables and a sample of Jamaican primary and secondary science teachers' knowledge of plant biology McCulloch, Sonia; Soyibo, Kola
3745 Relationships among some factors and students' integrated science knowledge Soyibo, Kola; Pinnock, Jacqueline
3743 ROSE and non-ROSE students' perceptions of five psychosocial dimensions of their science practical activities Soyibo, Kola; Figueroa, Marceline L.
3718 Science knowledge, science attitudes and self-esteem: A comparison of ROSE and nonROSE grades 7 and 8 students Soyibo, Kola; Johnson, Rosemarie A
5112 The effects of concept and vee mappings under three learning modes on Jamaican eight graders' knowledge of nutrition and plant reproduction Ugwu, Okechukwu; Soyibo, Kola
5437 The nature of science: Its two images Soyibo, Kola
502 Use of alcohol, tobacco and nonprescription drugs among Jamaican high school students Soyibo, Kola; Lee, Michael G.
3741 Use of illicit drugs among Jamaican high school students Soyibo, Kola; Lee, Michael G.
506 Using concept maps to analyze textbook presentations of respiration Soyibo, Kola

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