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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Stephenson, T Processed on 12/1/2020
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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Stephenson, T
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994311 A Review of Observed and Projected Changes in Climate for the Islands in the Caribbean Karmalkar, A. V.; Taylor, M. A.; Campbell, J.; Stephenson, T.; New, M.; Centella, A.; Benzanilla, A.; Charlery, J.
4063 Analyzing and understanding Climate variability in Caribbean Islands [Abstract] Stephenson, Tannecia S.; Chen Abraham Anthony
995310 Climate Change and Caribbean Science Stephenson, T. S.; Taylor, M. A.; Chen, A.A
995273 Climate Change and the Caribbean: Review and Response Taylor, M. A.; Stephenson, T. S.; Chen, A. A.; Stephenson, K.
8172 Climate Change Renewable Energy and Small Islands. Chen, Abraham A.; Stephenson, Tannecia S.
7799 Detecting inhomogeneities in Caribbean and adjacent Caribbean temperature data using sea surface temperatures. Stephenson, Tannecia; Goodess, C. M.; Haylock, M. R.; Chen, Abraham A.; Taylor, Michael A.
7356 Features of the Caribbean Low Level Jet Whyte, F.S; Taylor, Michael.A; Stephenson, Tannecia .S; Campbell, J.D
994214 Future Climate of the Caribbean from a super-high resolution atmospheric general circulation model Hall, T. C.; Sealy, A. M.; Stephenson, T. S.; Kusunoki, S.; Taylor, M. A.; Chen, A. A.; Kitoh. A.
995067 Influence of Climate Variability on Human Leptospirosis Cases in Jamaica Bachelor, T.; Stephenson, T. S.; Brown, P.; Amarakoon, D.; Taylor, M. A.
8176 Interpreting Climate Change Simulations: Capacity Building for Developing Nations. Stephenson, Tannecia S.
7953 Investigating the Link Between Climate and Leptospirosis in the Caribbean Using Wavelet Analysis. Batchelor, T. W.; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M.; Taylor, Michael A.; Stephenson, Tannecia S.
8122 The Climate Studies Group Mona. Stephenson, Tannecia; Chen, Abraham A.; Taylor, Michael A.
7959 The Climate Studies Group Mona: Exploring Caribbean Climate Science. Stephenson, Tannecia; Taylor, Michael A.; Chen, Abraham A.; Campbell, Jayaka; Watson, Rhodene
994458 The PRECIS Caribbean Story: Lessons and Legacies Taylor, M. A.; Centella, A.; Charlery, J.; Benzanilla, A.; Campbell, J.; Borrajero, I.; Stephenson, T.; Nurmohamed, R.
6801 Toward the development of prediction models for the primary Caribbean dry season Stephenson, Tannecia S; Chen, Abrraham.A; Taylor, Michael.A
8173 Validating the PRECIS regional climate model for the Caribbean. Campbell, Jayaka D.; Taylor, Michael A.; Stephenson, Tannecia S.; Watson, Rhodene A.
6311 What to expect? Jamaica's future climate deduced from climate models Watson, Rhodene A.; Taylor, Michael; Campbell, Jayaka D.; Stephenson, Tannecia S.
994105 Why dry? Investigating the future evolution of the Caribbean Low Level Jet to explain projected Caribbean drying Taylor, M. A.; Whyte, F. S.; Stephenson, T. S; Campbell, J. D

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