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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Vaughan, K Processed on 11/26/2020
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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Vaughan, K
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993604 “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Neisseria gonorrhea. A case of the Arthritis-dermatitis Syndrome” Vaughan, K.D; Aquart-Stewart,A.M
2254 Bicycle spoke injuries: An unnecessary childhood injury [abstract] Vaughan, Kenneth D.
6364 Bilateral psoas abscess in a case of granuloma inguinale West, W. ; Fletcher, H. ; Hanchard, B. ; Rattray, C. ; Vaughan, K.
7884 Development of the child’s spine. Vaughan, Kenneth D.
1996 Disseminated donovanosis (Granuloma inguinale) with osteomyelitis of both wrists Fletcher, Horace M.; Rattray, Carole A.; Hanchard, Barrie; Vaughan, Kenneth D.; West, Wayne M.
4693 Extraspinal Osteoarticular Tuberculosis: A Forgotten Entity? Vaughan, Kenneth D.
7893 Outcome of hip arthroplasty in sicklers (local experience). Vaughan, Kenneth D.
6958 The anatomy and physiology of the medical class of 1982a Vaughan, Kenneth D.; Samms-Vaughan, Maureen E.
7812 The Anatomy and Physiology of the Medical Class of 1982a. Vaughan, Kenneth D.; Samms-Vaughan, Maureen E.
6592 The distribution and correlates of bone density in Jamaican young adults Eyre, S.A.; Boyne, M.S.; Ferguson, T.S.; Younger, N.O.; Tulloch-Reid, M.K.; Jackson, M.; Vaughan, K.; Samms-Vaughan, M.; Wilks, R.J.
7924 The Distribution and Correlates of Bone Mineral Density in Jamaican Young Adults. Eyre, S. A.; Vaughan, Kenneth D.; Boyne, Michael S.; Ferguson, Trevor S.; Younger, Novie O.; Tulloch-Reid, Marshall K.; Jackson, Maria D.; Samms-Vaughan, Maureen E.; Wilks, Rainford J.
993657 The evolution of implant surgery from arthrodesis to arthroplasty Vaughan, K (Dr)

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