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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wariboko, Waibinte Processed on 12/1/2020
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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wariboko, Waibinte
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6690 Audra A. Diptee, From Africa to Jamaica: The making of an Atlantic slave society, 1775-1807. Gainesville, Tallahassee: University Press of Florida, 2010. (Book Review). Wariboko, Waibinte
5464 I really cannot make Africa my home: Black West Indian missionaries and the CMS Niger mission , 1895-1925 Wariboko, Waibinte E.
5088 I really cannot make Africa my home: West Indian missionaries as outsiders in the Church Missionary Society civilizing mission to Southern Nigeria 1898-1925 Wariboko, Waibinte E.
995757 Izon visibility in the Caribbean new world diaspora. Wariboko, Waibinte; Harry, Otelemate; Devonish, Hubert
5555 James Norris Cheetham and the CMS Civilizing Mission to Igboland : An examination of his letters to the Southport visitor Wariboko, Waibinte E.
3824 Lineage slavery in New Calabar, Eastern Delta 1850-1915: A reassessment Wariboko, Waibinte E.
7328 New Calabar Middlemen, Her Majesty's Consuls and British Traders in late nineteenth century Niger Delta Wariboko, Waibinte
3914 New Calabar: The transition from slave to produce-trading and the political problems in the eastern Delta, 1848-1891 Wariboko, Waibinte E.
7360 The CMS Niger Mission, Extra-Territorial forces of change and the expansion of British influence in the Niger Delta during the nineteeth century. Wariboko, Waibinte
996040 The impact of the Atlantic trade on West African societies and economies between 1500 and 1800. Wariboko, Waibinte
411 The status, role and influence of women in the eastern delta states of Nigeria, 1850-1910: Examples from New Calabar Wariboko, Waibinte E.
7595 West Indian Church in West Africa: The Pongas mission among the Susus and its portrayal of blackness, 1851-1935 Wariboko, Waibinte

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