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42 Titles Listed for the author selected: Webber, D
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994997 Oceans under threat: A study of ballast water stowaways entering a Jamaican Port Mitchell, A.; Webber, M.; Buddo, D.; Webber, D
993783 A survey of phytoplankton and water quality of Kingston Harbour and the north east Hellshire coastline, Jamaica Liu, H.; Broomfield, S.; Duncan, A.; Grant, L.; Webber, D.; Webber, M.
993954 Application of the soil and water assessment tool (SWAT MODEL) on a small tropical island state (Great River Watershed, Jamaica) as a tool in integrated watershed and coastal zone management Grey, O.; Webber, D.
4168 Changes in water quality and plankton of Kingston Harbour, Jamaica, after 20 years of continued eutrophication Webber, Mona K.; Webber, Dale F.; Ranston, Emma R.; Dunbar, Francine N.; Simmonds, Rose-Marie A.
4132 Characterization of sources of organic pollution to Kingston Harbour, the extent of their influence and some rehabilitation recommendations Webber, Dale F.; Kelly, Peter Wilson
3282 Circulation patterns in Discovery Bay [Abstract only] Chung, R.; Webber, Dale F.
3009 Coastal zone management Wade, Barry A.; Webber, Dale F.
7704 Collaborating without interfering: Navigating the ‘Rough’ terrain’of scientific language and knowledge. McLaren, I.ngrid A.; Webber, Dale F.
311 Influence of Kingston Harbour on the phytoplankton community of the nearshore Hellshire coast, southeast Jamaica Webber, Dale, F.; Roff, J.C.
4195 Mangrove forest structure under varying environmental conditions McDonald, Kerrine O.; Webber, Dale F.; Webber, Mona K.
3154 Microalgal community of a coastal lagoon: Changes in water quality and the effect on sediment nutrient fluxes [Abstract only] Clarke, T. M.; Webber, Dale F.
6191 Phytoplankton and Zooplankton as indicators of water quality in Discovery Bay Jamaica Webber, Mona K. ; Edwards-Myers, E. ; Campbell, C. ; Webber, Dale F
4165 Phytoplankton distribution in a highly eutrophic estuarine bay, Hunts Bay, Kingston Harbour, Jamaica Ranston, Emma R.; Webber, Dale F.
3141 Point and non-pioint sources of pollution to Kingston Harbour and some recommendations Webber, Dale F.
2991 Pollution history of a tropical estuary revealed by combined hydrodynamic modelling and sediment geochemistry Andrews, J. E.; Greenaway, Anthony M.; Bigg, Grant R.; Webber, Dale F.; Dennis, P. F.; Guthrie, G. A.
994791 Rackham’s Cay cut face coral succession study Trench, C.; Small, H.; Morrison, L.; Webber, D.; Webber, M
994909 Sampling and analysis of ballast water in the Jamaican scenario Mitchell, A.; Webber, M.; Buddo, D.; Webber, D
3283 Seagrass populations of the Southeast Coast of Jamaica: Effects on ranging levels of eutrophication [Abstract only] Green, Sean O.; Webber, Dale F.
993860 Spatial variation of the coral reefs in Foul and Folly Bays, St. Thomas, Jamaica Chin, D.; Webber, M.; Webber, D
7489 The characterization and classification of the Black River Upper Morass, Jamaica, using the three-parameter test of vegetation, soils and hydrology Azan, S.A; Webber, D.F
994409 The determination of the breeding success of the masked booby, Sula dactylatra-dactylatra at Middle Cay, Pedro Bank, Jamaica Ainsworth, P.; Webber, D.
995629 The Development and future of the Jamaican Virtual Herbarium Rose, Philip E.; Webber, Dale F
4047 The dispersal of phytoplankton along the coastal embayments, Hellshire coastline, St. Catherine, Jamaica [Abstract] Townsend, Sean E.; Maxam, Ava M.; Webber, Dale F.
3251 The effects of rum distillery effluent on the periphytic diatom community of the North Elim River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, with special reference to community change as a response to river recovery [Abstract only] Hee, J. La; Hyslop, Eric J.; Webber, Dale F.
4172 The effects of varying levels of eutrophication on phytoplankton and seagrass (thalassia testudinum) populations of the southeast coast of Jamaica Green, Sean O.; Webber, Dale F.
7355 The first description of the potentially toxic dinoflagellate, Alexandrium minutum in Hunts Bay, Kingston Harbour, Jamaica Ranston, Emma R; Webber, DaleF; Larsen, J
994863 The fishers of the Pedro Bank, Jamaica: a livelihood analysis Allen, R.; Webber, D.
993603 The Hydrodynamic Modelling of Reefal Bays Placing Coral Reefs at the Center of Bay Circulation, Maxam, A.; Webber, D.
4164 The impact of coastline change and urban development on the flushing time of a coastal embayment, Kingston Harbour, Jamaica Bigg, Grant R.; Webber, Dale F.
2995 The impact of development, and coastal change on the flushing time of Kingston Harbour, Jamaica Bigg, Grant. R.; Webber, Dale F.
3284 The phytoplankton community and water quality of a highly eutrophic estuarine bay: Hunt's Bay, Kingston Harbour, Jamaica [Abstract only] Ranston, E.; Webber, Dale F.
4166 The phytoplankton distribution in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica Ranston, Emma R.; Simmonds, Rose-Marie A.; Webber, Dale F.
995012 The planktonic communities of the Jamaican south eastern coastal shelf; a comparison of harbour, coastal shelf and offshore oceanic bank areaa Small, H.; Lue, K.; Webber, D.; Webber, M.
4163 The relative importance of meteorological events, tidal activity and bathymetry to circulation and mixing in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica Webber, Dale F.; Webber, Mona K.; Williams, Doreen D.
4174 The sand dune ecology of the palisadoes, Kingston Harbour, Jamaica Thompson, Heather P; Webber, Dale F.
994398 The status and trends of marine and coastal resources across the Insular Caribbean; treats actions and requirements. Webber, D.F.
993645 The Use of Open Source Technologies in Developing Botanical Databases. Rose, P.E.; Webber, D.F.; Commock, T
3289 The use of periphyton and benthic macroinvertebrates in the biomonitoring of the North Elim River, St Elizabeth, Jamaica [Abstract only] John, Kimberly; La Hee, Josette; Hyslop, Eric J.; Webber, Dale F.
994877 The use of select writing across the curriculum strategies and their impact on science students’ attitude to writing: A comparison of outcomes for two undergraduate Biology courses McLaren, I.; Webber, D.
3163 The water quality of Kingston Harbour: Evaluating the use of the planktonic community and traditional water quality indices Webber, Dale, F.; Webber, Mona K.
323 The water quality of Kingston Harbour: Some sources and solutions Webber, Dale, F.
2996 Zooplankton growth rates: The influence of size and resources in tropical marine copepodites Hopcroft, R. R.; Rolf, J. C.; Webber, Dale F.; Witt, J. D. S.

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