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23 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wint, Alvin G Processed on 12/1/2020
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23 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wint, Alvin G
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2484 Anchoring a programme of macroeconomic stabilisation: Lessons from the experience of Barbados Wint, Alvin G
5575 Attracting FDI to Developing Countries: A Changing Role for Government? Wint, Alvin G.; Williams, Densil A.
2724 Competitive disadvantages and advantages of small nations: An analysis of inter-nation economic performance Wint, Alvin G
7365 Determinants of student performance at University: Reflections from the Caribbean Cheesman, Jennifer; Simpson, Natalee; Wint, Alvin G.
1274 Don't stop with the one stop shop: Foreign investment in a liberalizing Third World Wint, Alvin G
2474 Enterprise competitiveness in a small, low growth developing country environment:Jamaica experiences Wint, Alvin G
6470 Ethics and development: The public - private interface Wint, Alvin G.
6047 FDI and financial sector stabilisation in Jamaica and Latin America Wint, Alvin G. ; Campbell, Archibald A. ; Barclay, Lou Anne
5746 Financing tertiary education in Jamaica Broadbell, Rosemarie; Gordon, Peter-John; Simpson, Donald ; Wint, Alvin G.
7539 Financing tertiary education in the Anglophone Caribbean: Transforming Student Loan Systems Wint, Alvin G.
5580 Has obsolescing bargain obsolesced: Negotiating with foreign investors Wint, Alvin G
2306 International competitiveness and public policy in the Caribbean Wint, Alvin G
5574 International competitiveness and rare tradeables: Assessing the Jamaican health system Wint, Alvin G.
5737 Jamaica in international competition Wint, Alvin G.
1278 Marketing strategies to attract foreign investment Wint, Alvin G.; Wells, Louis T
1345 Pioneering telephone privatization: Jamaica Wint, Alvin G
1349 Promoting transnational investment: Organizing to service approved investors Wint, Alvin G
5534 Strategic challenges facing the Mona Ccmpus: An analysis and response Shepherd, Verene; Wint, Alvin G.
5535 Strategic repositioning: An agenda for action Shepherd, Verene; Wint, Alvin G.
5864 The economic impact of Caribbean regional integration: National policy and intra-regional performance differences Wint, Alvin G.
5635 The power of the muse: The influence of international business scholarship Wint, Alvin G.
1271 The role of government in enhancing the competitiveness of developing economies: Selective functional intervention in the Caribbean Wint, Alvin G
5701 Workplace governance and the future of trade unionism in the Jamaican private sector Cowell, Noel M.; Crick, Anne P.; Wint, Alvin G.

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