Some additional notes for using the search facility

  1. Click on the "Search by:" item of interest (at the top of the screen). They are:-
        • Keyword     - based on keywords previously specified for the document

        • Title           - based on the title of the document

        • Author        - based on the name(s) of the author(s). Note: enclose hyphenated names in
                              double quotes e.g. "Bobb-Semple"
        • Department - based on the UWI department that the author works in

        • Journal       - for articles published in the journal you specify

  2. Type your search terms in the find field. For keyword/author searches, you may click on the Keyword/Author Lookup icon to get and select from a list of valid items. These pop up in a separate window.

  3. Narrow your search by clicking on ALL WORDS where the search returns results based on finding ALL of your search items.   Expand your search by clicking on ANY WORD.

  4. Further limit your search, if desired, by entering a range for the year of publication e.g. From: 2000 To: 2006.

  5. Click on the Search icon to get the result set. Now, you may return to the search page