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1. A comparative study of pregnancy outcome in teenage girls and mature women Thame, Minerva M.; Wilks, Rainford J.; Matadial, Lennox; Forrester, Terrence E. West Indian Medical Journal. 1999       
2. Hypoglycemic effects of steroidal sapogenins isolated from Jamaican bitter yam, Dioscorea polygonoides McAnuff, M. A. ; Harding, Wayne W. ; Omoruyi, F. O. ; Jacobs, Helen ; Morrison, E. Y. ; Asemota, Helen N Food Chem Toxicol. 2005       
3. Obesity in Jamaican vegetarians and non-vegetarians [Abstract] Johnson, P.S.A.; Wilks, Rainford J. West Indian Medical Journal. 1991      
4. The association between early childhood stunting and weight status in late adolescence Walker, S. P. ; Chang, S. M. ; Powell, C. A. Int J Obes (Lond). 2007       
5. Plasma insulin-like growth factor-1, type 1 procollagen, and serum tumor necrosis factor alpha in children recovering from Trichuris dysentery syndrome Duff, Edith M.; Anderson, N. M.; Cooper, Edward S. Pediatrics. 1999       
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