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1. Emergency department physician training in Jamaica: a national public hospital survey Crandon, I. W. ; Harding, H. E. ; Cawich, S. O. ; Williams, E. W. ; Williams-Johnson, J. BMC Emerg Med. 2008      
2. Pre-hospital emergency medical services, phase I: Role of the Department of Community Health and Psychiatry Segree, Winsome A.; Matthews, Anna M. West Indian Medical Journal. 1998      
3. The roles and responsibilities of physicians in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services: A Caribbean perspective Barnett, A. T. ; Segree, W. ; Matthews, A. West Indian Medical Journal. 2006       
4. Accident and Emergency Misuse? Bustamante Hospital for Children [Abstract] Skyers, N. A.; Holder-Nevins, Desmalee West Indian Medical Journal. 2005      
5. Trauma aetiology and cost in the Accident and Emergency Unit of the University Hospital of the West Indies McDonald, Archibald H.; Duncan, Newton D.; Mitchell, Derek I. G.; Fletcher, Peter R. West Indian Medical Journal. 1999       
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