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1. Maternal mortality in patients admitted to an intensive care unit in Jamaica Scarlett, Marinna D.; Isaacs, Melody-Ann; Fredrick-Johnston, Sherifa; Kulkarni, Santosh K.; McCaw-Binns, Affette M ; Fletcher, Horace M International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. 2009      
2. Predicting Outcome in the Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital of the West Indies [Abstract] Williams, A.; Harding, Hyacinth E.; Hambleton, Ian R. West Indian Medical Journal. 2003      
3. A new paradigm to routine intensive care utilization post elective neurosurgery in a Developing Country Harding, H.E.; Crandon, I.W.; Crawford-Sykes,A.; Bruce, C.A.R.; Gordon-Stachan, G.M.; Augier, A. 2007      
4. Dynamics of antibiotic usage in the Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital of the West Indies. Chin, V.; Harding, Hyacinth E.; Tennant, Ingrid; Soogrim, Dean; Gordon-Strachan, Georgiana M.; Frankson, Morton A. C. West Indian Medical Journal. 2008      
5. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of the West Indies: The first years experience Trotman, Helen L. West Indian Medical Journal. 2006      
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