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1. The community as a resource for solid waste management. Figueroa, Mark; Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth 1998      
2. Physiological ecology of ten phycocolloid producing marine algae from the environs of Kingston and Port Royal [Abstract only] Littau, Jonathan H.; Devi Prasad, P.V. 1999      
3. Perceptions and experiences of violence among secondary school students in urban Jamaica Meeks Gardner, Julie; Powell, Christine A.; Thomas, Joan A.; Millard, Doreen Pan American Journal of Public Health. 2003      
4. Street culture and the decay of community Bailey, Wilma R.; Branche, Clement; LeFranc, Elsie R-M. Caribbean dialogue: A policy bulletin of Caribbean affairs. 1998      
5. Psychosocial Intervention Improves the Development of Term Low-Birth-Weight Infants Walker, Susan P.; Chang, Susan M.; Powell, Christine A.; Grantham-McGregor, Sally M. The Journal of Nutrition. 2004      
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