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1. The impact of maternal schooling on the health status of children in Jamaica Tindigarukayo, Jimmy K Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean. 1999      
2. Factors associated with term low birth at the Victoria Jubliee Hospital [Abstract only] Ewan-Whyte, C.; Walker, Susan P.; Chang, Susan M.; Powell, Christine A.; McDonald, D.; Fletcher, Horace M. West Indian Medical Journal. 2001      
3. Quality of obstetric care observed in 14 hospitals in Benin, Ecuador, Jamaica and Rwanda Burkhalter, B; Edson, W; Harvey, S; Boucar, M; Djibrina, S; Hermida, H; Ayabaca, P; Bucagu, M; Gbangbade, S; McCaw-Binns, A       
4. Safe Motherhood Studies-timeliness of Hospital Care for treating obstetric emergencies results from Benin, Ecuador,Jamaica and Rwanda Edson, W; Burkhalter, B; Harvey, S.A; Boucar, M; Hermida, J; Ayabaca, P; Bucagu, M; Gbangbade, S; McCaw-Binns, A       
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