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1. Dietary and lifestyle factors related to risk of obesity and hypertension in Jamaican women: Implications for health promotion [Abstract] Soares-Wynter, S.Y.; Walker, Susan P.; Wilks, Rainford J. West Indian Medical Journal. 1999      
2. Social and Dietary Determinants of Body Mass Index of Adult Jamaicans of African Origin Jackson, Maria D.; Walker, Susan P.; Forrester, Terrence E.; Cruickshank, J. Kennedy; Wilks, Rainford J. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2003      
3. Diabetes in the Caribbean: Results of a population survey from Spanish Town, Jamaica Wilks, Rainford J.; Rotimi, Charles N.; Bennett, Franklyn I.; McFarlane-Anderson, Norma ; Kaufman, Jay S.; Anderson, S. G.; Cooper, Richard S.; Cruickshank, J. Kennedy; Forrester, Terrence E. Diabetic Medicine. 1999       
4. Psychological Consideration in Obesity Management Brodie-Walker, Stacey N.       
5. Abdominal adiposity in six populations of West African descent: Prevalence and population attributable fraction of hypertension Okosun, I. S.; Forrester, Terrence E.; Rotimi, Charles N.; Osotimehin, Babatunde O.; Muna, Walinjom F.; Cooper, Richard S. Obesity Research. 1999       
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