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1. Comparative evaluation of transgenic and non-transgenic (Carica papaya L.) in Jamaica [Abstract] Roberts, Madeen M.; Minott, Donna A.; Tennant Paula F.; Jackson-Malete, Jose C.; Gonsalves, Dennis 2003      
2. An overview of the safety assessment of transgenic papaya for the management of Papaya ringspot virus in Jamaica. Tennant, P. F.; Pinnock, S. E.; Powell, M.; Wheatley, A. O.; Minott, D. A. Transgenic Plant Journal. 2010      
3. Effective development of papaya ringspot virus resistant papaya with untranslatable coat protein gene using a modified microprojectile transformation method Cia, Wenqui; Gonsalves, Carol ; Tennant, Paula F.; Gonsalves, Dennis Acta Horticulturae. 1998      
4. A protocol for efficient transformation and regeneration of Carica papaya L. Cia, Wenqui; Gonsalves, Carol; Tennant, Paula F.; Fermain, G.; Souza, Manoel Jr.; Sarindu, Nonmglak; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Zhu, Hai-Ying; Gonsalves, Dennis Vitro Cellular and Development Biology Plant. 1999      
5. Papaya ringspot virus resistance of transgenic rainbow and sunup is affected by gene dosage, plant development, and coat protein homology Tennant,Paula F.; Fermain,G; Fitch,M.M.; Manshardt,R.; Slightom,J; Gonsalves,G European Journal of Plant Pathology. 2001      
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