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1. On the appearance of film ruptures in plain thick layers of moving liquid Nosov, Valery R.; Gomez-Mancilla, Julio; Rodkina, Alexandra E.; Meza, Pedro T.; Rios, Manuel S.; Niebla, Aurora D. 2002      
2. Internal iliac artery aneurysm-colonic fistula: a rare cause of massive lower gastrointestinal bleeding: report of a case. McFarlane, Michael E. C.; Plummer, Joseph M.; Simpson, Lindberg K.; Roberts, Paul; Kirby, X.; Downes, R.; Antoine, N. European Surgery. 2009      
3. The anterolateral skull base approach improves outcome over the pterional for the repair of ruptured anterior communicating artery aneurysms [abstract] Bruce, C.A.; Cusimano, M.D. West Indian Medical Journal . 2002      
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