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1. Correlates among Jamaican preservice primary school teachers' factors and science knowledge Soyibo, Kola; Thorpe, C. Journal of Science and Mathematics Education in Southeast Asia. 1999      
2. A pilot study of the Incredible Years TeacherTraining programme and a curriculum unit on social and emotional skills in community pre-schools in Jamaica Baker-Henningham, H; Walker, S; Powell, C; Meeks Gardner, J Child: Care, Health and Development.       
3. Challenges of multi-grade teaching in rural Jamaica Whittaker, Norma; Bailey, Barbara The New Clarion. 1999      
4. Breaking the vicious cycle: Can Jamaican teachers' colleges change the face of music education? Tucker, Joan M. Institute of Education Annual: School and college: Educational issues and trends in the Commonwealth Caribbean. 2000      
5. Interventions to Reduce Aggression among Young children: A Pilot Study Meeks Gardner, Julie; Powell, Christine; Lewis, Yewande; Thomas,Joan       
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