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1. Comparative evaluation of transgenic and non-transgenic (Carica papaya L.) in Jamaica [Abstract] Roberts, Madeen M.; Minott, Donna A.; Tennant Paula F.; Jackson-Malete, Jose C.; Gonsalves, Dennis 2003      
2. Virus resistant transgenic papaya: Current opportunities and challenge Fermin, G. A.; Castro, L. T.; Tennant, Paula.F. Transgenic Plant Journal . 2010      
3. Opportunities and constraints to biotechnological applications in the Caribbean: Transgenic papayas in Jamaica and Venezuela Fermin, G. A.; Tennant, Paula F. Plant Cell Reports . 2011      
4. An overview of the safety assessment of transgenic papaya for the management of Papaya ringspot virus in Jamaica. Tennant, P. F.; Pinnock, S. E.; Powell, M.; Wheatley, A. O.; Minott, D. A. Transgenic Plant Journal. 2010      
5. Papaya ringspot virus resistance of transgenic rainbow and sunup is affected by gene dosage, plant development, and coat protein homology Tennant,Paula F.; Fermain,G; Fitch,M.M.; Manshardt,R.; Slightom,J; Gonsalves,G European Journal of Plant Pathology. 2001      
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