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1. Surgical Management of Perforated Duodenal Ulcer: The Changing Scene Plummer, J. M. ; McFarlane, Michael E. ; Newnham, Mark S. West Indian Medical Journal. 2004      
2. The use of papaya on pressure ulcers: A natural alternative Hewitt, Hermi H.; Wint, Yvonne B.; Talabere, L.; Lopez, Sheryll A.; Bailey, Ellen Y.; Parshad, Omkar; Weaver, Steve R. American Journal of Nursing. 2002      
3. Venous incompetence, poverty and lactate dehydrogenase in Jamaica are important predictors of leg ulceration in sickle cell anaemia Cumming, V. ; King, L. ; Fraser, R. ; Serjeant, G. ; Reid, Marvin Br J Haematol. 2008 Jul      
4. Microbial Isolates in Diabetic Foot Lesions of Hopitalized Patients at the University Hospital of the West Indies Chin-Harty, LA; Walters, CA; Wright-Pascoe, RA; Martin, A; Roye-Green, K; Barton, EN; Boyne, Michaeal S West Indian Medical Journal. 18 November 2015      
5. Diabetic Foot Complications among Patients Attending a Specialist Diabetes Clinic in Jamaica: Prevalence and Associated Factors Ferguson, T.; Tulloch-Reid, M.; Younger, N.; Wright-Pascoe, R.; Boyne, M.; McFarlane, S.; Francis, D.; Wilks, R. West Indian Medical Journal. 2013      
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